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Discover the Latest monthly TV Program / Show highlights from Eazie TV

Are you ready to dive into a world of captivating programs, heart-pounding blockbusters, and must-watch TV drama? Look no further than Eazie TV!

If you are interested to find out what is in the spotlight for the month?

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May 2024 Highlights


1. The Twilight Saga Movie Marathon

The Twilight Saga is a series of romance fantasy films based on the book series Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. The series has grossed over $5.28 billion worldwide. Binge watch all 5 Blockbusters back to back starting from Fri May 10, you wouldn’t want to miss this Movie Event.

Showing on: ROCK Action

Showtime: Fri May 10- Sun May 12

Fri May 10, 7pm: Twilight

Sat May 11, 7pm: The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Sat May 11, 9.15pm: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Sun May 12, 7pm: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Sun May 12, 9pm: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

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2. My Son

When photographer Marlene's son Jason faces a life-altering skateboarding accident, their journey to healing takes unexpected turns. As they travel from Berlin to Switzerland, Jason slowly convinces his mother that life takes detours. Country of release: Germany.

Showing on: CinemaWorld / First and Exclusive

Showtime: Sun May 12, 9pm / 中英文字幕 Chinese & English Subtitles

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3. 麻辣教師GTO回歸 GTO Revival

特别篇讲述反町饰演的破格高中教师「鬼冢英吉」,赴私立相德学院任教,捲入校内网红的炎上风波。。主演: 反町隆史、 松嶋菜菜子、小栗旬、洼冢洋介、池内博之、藤木直人

The television sequel special to the 1998 live-action series of Tohru Fujisawa's GTO manga, the new special's story sees Onizuka assigned as a teacher to Sōtoku Academy, which is currently troubled by a popular online influencer exposing secrets of both students and faculty. Everyone at school becomes suspicious of everyone else, thinking that the influencer is someone who studies or works there. Stars Takashi Sorimachi, Yôsuke Kubozuka , Shun Oguri, Nanako Matsushima , Hiroyuki Ikeuchi, Naohito Fujiki

Showing on: GEM / 日本火速送上Express from Japan

Showtime: Sat May 18, 9.30pm | 中英文字幕 Chinese & English Subtitles

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4. FBI: Most Wanted S5

The new season will deal with the fallout from the Season 4 finale. Remy finally came face to face with his brother's real killer after 25 years. With the help of his trusty team, Remy learned his brother, Mikey, was actually murdered by a close friend, Benji, who covered up his crime with the help of the prosecution withholding key evidence...


Showing on: AXN / First and Exclusive

Showtime: Mon May 25, 9.45pm

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5. America's Got Talent S19

America's Got Talent 19 will kick off with a two-hour premiere. The core four judges will return! Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara are all set to sit in their usual seats, Terry Crews will also return as Host.

Showing on: HITS NOW / Express from The US

Showtime: Fri May 31, 9.30pm

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April 2024 Highlights


1. Chucky S3

He's not dead yet. Chucky S3 returns with all new episodes in April 2024. After leaving fans on a massive cliffhanger on Halloween, Chucky will return this spring where all questions about his bizarre stint in the White House will be answered in what we can only assume will be the bloodiest way possible.

Showing on: ROCK Entertainment / Express from The U.S.

Showtime: Wed Apr 3 & 10, 9pm – Ep. 1/2 & 3/4 [2 eps back-to-back]

Wed Apr 17, 9.45pm – all new episodes

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2. 美女与纯情男 Beauty and Mr. Romantic

剧集讲述衰落的明星医师和無鉄砲的新进医师之间,双向治愈、精神胜利、浪漫共情、毫无狗血,且传递新概念的家庭故事。主演: 智铉寓、林秀香

Beauty and the Devoted tells the life-changing story of Park Do-ra, a top actress who falls to rock bottom overnight and Go Pil-sung, a novice drama producer who falls in love with her and brings her back up again. Stars Im Soo-hyang & Ji Hyun-woo.

Showing on: KBS WORLD / 韩国火速送上Express from Korea

Showtime: Sat Apr 6, 8pm / 中英文字幕 Chinese & English Subtitles

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3. 幸运的我们 Su-Ji and U-Ri

由金始庆作家与洪硕九导演继《我唯一的守护者》后再度合作,剧情讲述女演员和电视剧导演之间的恋爱故事。主演: 咸𤨒晶、白成铉: 智铉寓、林秀香

Su-Ji and U-Ri tells the story of Jin Soo-ji (Hahm Eun-jung), a celebrity psychiatrist whom is a perfectionist however her life took a turn as accidents occurs back-to-back, and Chae Woo-ri (Baek Sung-hyun), a novice doctor whom place the patient's health as the highest priority, often crashing with Soo-ji on opinions. Stars Hahm Eun-jung & Baek Sung-hyun.

Showing on: KBS WORLD / 韩国火速送上Express from Korea

Showtime: Start Apr 8, Mon-Thu 7.50pm | Fri 8pm / 中英文字幕 Chinese & English Subtitles

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4. Maroon 5: Live In London

Filmed at Roundhouse, London, this concert film will give all fans a spectacular Live experience from start to finish. Classic Maroon 5 featuring unforgettable version of their hits: 'Moves Like Jagger', 'Daylight', 'This Love' and many more…


Showing on: Qello Concerts By Stingray / Channel Premiere

Showtime: Tue Apr 9, 7.25pm

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5. Britain's Got Talent S17

Welcome back to the stage where dreams are made and talents shine brightest! As Britain's most beloved talent show makes its triumphant return for its17th season, joining us once again are our esteemed panel of judges, each bringing their unique flair and expertise to the table.

Showing on: HITS NOW / Express from The UK

Showtime: Mon Apr 22, 8pm

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