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Up to 4% Cashback

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Up to 4% Cashback

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4% Cashback

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5% Cashback

Charles & Keith
4.4% Cashback

6% Cashback

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  • Automatic crediting of rebates. No voucher codes needed.
  • Your M1 bill could go down to $0



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Upgrade your bill plan to $30 and above to kickstart your savings journey with M1 Cashback.

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frequently asked questions


When you purchase an offer by an M1 Cashback merchant through our My M1+ App, you will earn cashback in the form of credit into your M1 account. You are automatically enrolled and eligible when your mobile line’s bill plan is at least $30 (including GST; before discounts and not inclusive of other value added services). The cashback that you earned will automatically be credited into your bill, no extra steps required. 

You may click on “View all deals” under M1 Cashback section in our My M1+ app to track your cashback earnings. All cashback amount will be credited into your account within 120 days of successful purchase date. However, do note at this time you won’t be able to check your pending earnings (cashback not yet credited into your account) within the app.

If your bill plan falls to below $30 or is suspended or terminated, then you can no longer enjoy the benefits of M1 Cashback. However the cashback amount that you have previously earned will still be credited to you - provided that you have not fully terminated your service with M1.

Only your line that is above $30 will be able to enjoy the benefits of M1 Cashback.

No, the cashback may only be used to offset any payments due under that mobile line’s account. It cannot be used for upfront device payments, accessories, or other expenses. It may also not be cashed out.

The amount of earnings you view in the My M1+ App only includes the cashback earnings that has already been credited into your account. The amount does not include pending earnings from recent transactions. All pending earnings will be credited latest within 120 days of purchase date so continue checking your cashback dashboard in the My M1+ app.

The final cashback amount will be calculated based on the transaction amount excluding any taxation (such as GST), shipping and handling costs. Please refer to below calculation illustration.

Price of items purchased (including GST)$100
Delivery charges$5
Total amount customer pays to merchant$105
Prevailing cashback offer5%
Total amount eligible for Cashback (price of items minus 9% GST)$91.74
Amount of Cashback credited to customer$4.59


Shop and Earn with M1 Cashback

In this era of smart shopping, M1 goes the extra mile to enrich your online shopping experience. We proudly introduce M1 Cashback, where every purchase you make through our app brings you savings. Whether you are buying a new gadget, or shopping at your favourite online store, M1 now allows you to earn cashback on online purchases, which are then credited to your M1 bill account.

Browse our selection of prepaid SIM card offers online, priced from just $8 which will last you up to 90 days, and head into an M1 store or other approved retailers to buy a new prepaid data card and get everything activated.

Maximise Your Savings with M1

Savings from online shopping shouldn't be a dream, and M1 is here to make it a reality. With M1 Cashback, you can turn your online purchases into rebates, reducing your mobile bill payments using cashback earned through us. With this service, you can streamline your expenses and manage your savings effectively.

Enjoy Elevated Online Shopping with Cashback

When it comes to cashback on online shopping, M1 Cashback eliminates the need for extra steps. Now, all your online purchases, and even in-app purchases can earn you cashback rewards that are conveniently credited to your M1 bill account.

Enhance Your M1 Experience

M1 Cashback is not limited to specific stores or services. The cashback discount extends to all purchases made via our My M1+ app with partnered merchants. This seamless integration means that you can fully immerse yourself in the online shopping world without the worry of over-spending.

Embrace the Future of Savings with M1

M1 Cashback offers a rewarding and integrated shopping experience, freeing you from the hassles of searching for discounts. This efficient savings method ensures you can enjoy the vast range of online products, with the ease of cashback convenience.

Connect with our team today for more information on how M1 Cashback can boost your shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cashback

1. What Is Cashback in Online Shopping?

Cashback in online shopping is a form of reward programme where a percentage of the amount spent is paid back to you. This means when you make a purchase through the My M1+ app, a certain percentage of your spending is returned to you as a cash rebate, offering you a discount on your purchase. This cash rebate will then be automatically credited to your M1 bill, which means you can shop your bill down to as low as $0!

2. How Do You Use Cashback?

Using cashback is simple. After making a purchase through the My M1+ app, the corresponding cash rebate will be automatically credited to your M1 bill account. No extra steps needed!

3. What Are the Benefits of Cashback for Customers?

The benefits of cashback for customers are plentiful. It allows you to enjoy savings on your online purchases, essentially giving you a discount each time you shop. It's a rewarding way to shop and earn, making your online shopping experience more satisfying. Additionally, it's particularly beneficial for frequent shoppers, as the cash rebates can significantly add up over time, leading to substantial savings.

Find out more about M1 Cashback and start your journey of shopping and earning today.