In today's bustling digital landscape, securing a mobile phone bundled with a plan is undoubtedly a savvy move. It's a strategy that can save money while ensuring you stay seamlessly connected. However, the world of mobile plans isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. There are instances when the traditional route isn't the ideal choice.

Sometimes, you find yourself in situations where it's more convenient to keep things separate. Perhaps you already possess a trusty device, or available mobile plan deals fall short of your talk time, data, or budget expectations.

That’s where SIM-Only plans come in — a versatile alternative that allows you to have your cake and eat it, too. These plans might just be the key to unlocking mobile freedom when you don't need a new mobile plan or have no intention of renewing it.

What Are SIM-Only Mobile Plans?

Before we plunge into the pros and cons of SIM-Only plans, let's establish a clear understanding of what they are.

In essence, SIM-Only plans do precisely what their name suggests. They provide you with a SIM card and mobile service sans the commitment of acquiring a new device. No bundled device, no frills.

This unique approach grants you the freedom to stick with your current phone or purchase a new one separately. What truly sets these plans apart is their adaptability — you can effortlessly switch your SIM card between devices while retaining your beloved phone number.

Pros of SIM-Only Plans

When it comes to mobile plans, SIM-Only plans offer clear advantages.

1. Cost Savings

One standout benefit of SIM-Only plans is their potential for significant cost savings. Unlike traditional contracts that bundle a new phone into the package, SIM-Only plans focus solely on the mobile service. This means you won't be shouldering the cost of a brand-new device, resulting in lower monthly fees.

It's undoubtedly a smart way to maximise value without compromising on connectivity if you ask us.

2. Contract Flexibility

With SIM-Only plans, the idea of being tied down by annual contracts becomes a thing of the past. You gain the freedom to choose without the commitment of a lengthy agreement that lasts for a year or two. This flexibility empowers you to switch between SIM-Only deals whenever necessary, allowing you to adapt to changing circumstances or preferences seamlessly.

No more feeling constrained by rigid contracts — it's mobile freedom at its finest.

3. Customisable Data Plans with M1

When it comes to mobile phone plans, it can't be denied that customisation is key, and M1 takes it to the next level.

With M1's SIM-Only plans, you're in control of your mobile experience. These plans empower you to tailor your data packages precisely to your individual needs. Whether you're a social media enthusiast, a data-hungry streamer, or someone who primarily uses their phone for emails, your SIM-Only plan can be customised to perfectly suit your needs. Esim options are available too.

In addition to that, one can even add family line (designed for families of different usage needs) on top of existing SIM only plan just by topping $6/ mth per line to share more than 400 GB.

The OSIM uCozy 3D massager, valued at $199, is free for new sign-ups and port-in customers who opt for a SIM only plan plus one family line concurrently. Terms and conditions apply as offer is valid while supplies last. 

Beyond that, with M1's SIM-Only plans, there's a wide range of mobile add-on options designed to address your ever-changing requirements. From Call Number Display to Viu Premium, on top of the free 1,000-minute talktime and 1,000 SMS, your mobile experience is yours to shape.

Cons of SIM-Only Plans

Though SIM-Only plans come with several advantages, it's equally crucial to recognise their drawbacks. But fear not; there's a bright side — we've got some tips to help you overcome these challenges.

1. Upfront Device Cost

One downside of SIM-Only plans is the possibility of a higher upfront cost if you need to purchase a new device. However, there's a silver lining to this cloud.

There are always trade-in programmes like M1's TradeUp initiative. These programmes allow you to exchange your old device for a new one at a reduced cost, mitigating the upfront expense and making it more budget-friendly when you do eventually sign up for a new mobile plan.

Not ready to get a new plan yet? With promotions aplenty, get your preferred handset at slashed prices — just remember to keep your eyes peeled for these discounts.

2. Network Compatibility

Network compatibility can sometimes be a concern when using SIM-Only plans.

But here's a little secret— all SIM-Only plans from M1 come with a hidden gem: 5G compatibility.

That's right; you can enjoy the lightning-fast speeds and seamless connectivity of True5G without any hassle. It's like having the latest tech perks right at your fingertips, ensuring you stay ahead of the mobile game.

Who Should Set Sail with SIM-Only Plans?

SIM-Only plans are a versatile choice that caters to a diverse audience. Simply put, they're an excellent fit for those who appreciate flexibility and affordability in their mobile experience. They're also worth considering if you're a:

  • New Phone Owner: If you've recently acquired a new smartphone and wish to complement it with a SIM package that's rich in data and talk time, SIM-Only plans are a smart choice.

  • No Annual Commitment Seeker: If you prefer not to be tied down by annual contracts and value the freedom to switch plans as your needs evolve, SIM-Only plans offer precisely that.

  • Frequent Device Swapper: If you frequently switch your SIM card between different phones, these plans provide the convenience you need to stay connected seamlessly.

Additionally, if you're intrigued by the idea of a digital SIM, consider exploring eSIMs as a flexible alternative. An eSIM, such as those offered by M1, allows you to activate a mobile plan without requiring a physical nano-SIM. It supports multiple mobile numbers and is easily interchangeable, taking your mobile experience to the next level. Plus, M1 is one of the pioneers in offering 5G eSIM in Singapore, keeping you at the forefront of technology with True5G too.

Build a Mobile Plan for You with M1

With M1, you have the power to design a mobile plan that aligns perfectly with your needs and preferences.

Here are two fantastic 5G SIM-Only plans that both offer 1,100 mins of free talktime and 1,100 free SMS without tying you down to any contracts. Compare both these SIM-Only plans and choose the right one for yourself:

1. 200GB sim plan: If you're a data enthusiast who craves generous data allowances, this plan is tailored for you. Enjoy a whopping 200GB of data every month, ensuring that you're never left wanting more.

2. 150GB sim plan: For those seeking a balance between affordability and data abundance, our 150GB plan strikes the perfect chord. With ample data, you can comfortably browse, stream, and stay connected.

Ready to seize the opportunity? Choose the no-contract SIM-Only Plan (or eSIM plan) that resonates with your mobile lifestyle and embark on a seamless, cost-effective mobile journey with M1.

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