Whether comparing talk time or data allowance on mobile data plans, Singapore has quite a few choices. That said very few can provide their customers the power to fully personalise their plan.

But what does personalisation in a mobile phone plan entail? And why is it so great?

What is Mobile Plan Personalisation?

When looking at the best phone plans in Singapore, there’s been an ongoing trend to offer only cookie-cutter options that largely don’t deliver the best value for money. That’s why personalisation is a huge leap forward for mobile networks.

Simply put, personalisation refers to the customer’s ability to select and customise specific components of their mobile plan and modify it as needed.

Why Personalisation Is the Trend

In Singapore and around the world, it is taking over the way people do business and communicate. To put the power back into customers’ hands, giving them control over what they pay for.

This applies to the best phone plans too. For instance, people who don’t use their phones much won't need much data or call minutes in their plan. So, to ensure they get the best value for their dollar, they can choose to have less and save more. Meanwhile, those who spend hours each day using data to stream videos, play games or browse the internet can opt for a higher data limit.

And should a customer’s needs change, personalisation means they are able to freely alter allowances to reflect these changing needs.

What are the 5 Main Reasons for Mobile Plan Personalisation?

There are 5 major reasons why personalisation is disrupting the established norm of mobile data plans:

1. Price point

Paying hundreds of dollars to communicate is not practical, especially if you’re on a budget. As such, affordable mobile phone plans are becoming the norm. And our cheapest mobile SIM-only plans are designed to deliver just that!

2. Lifestyle

You want a mobile plan that can keep up with your lifestyle. And because every person is unique, it’s why we’ve decided to offer a personalised approach to data, minutes, and a variety of mobile add-ons, customisable through the My M1+ App.

3. Services

The ability to pick and choose easily from the different add-on services means everyone gets precisely what they need. Some may want access to services like Netflix, while others may prefer something a little simpler and more straightforward.

4. Combination

The option to choose a combination plan like the Multi Service Saver can make a huge difference for families looking to save money.

5. Value

It’s important that every customer gets as much value out of their mobile phone plan as they are paying. Different price points, customisation of data, minutes, mobile and service add-ons, and combination plans give customers the best value for the money.

At the end of the day, it’s clear to see why a personalised mobile phone plan will be the future of telecommunications. And it starts now at M1 with the incredible Bespoke plans.