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Bespoke Flexi offer 

Up to $270 off​

TradeUp savings 

Up to $350 savings
trade-in value of your old device 




Exclusive for SAFRA

$100 off


Free 1st month Zolaz
Cloud Gaming

Applicable to first time subscribers



TradeUp any device, even 3G ones!







                        Prices shown are after Flexi/overtrade discount

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Trade-in your device at our M1 Shops

Trade-in of 3G mobile phones can only be done at M1 Shops.


M1 Shop Bugis JunctionM1 Shop Causeway PointM1 Shop IMMM1 Shop Jurong PointM1 Shop NEXM1 Shop Compass OneM1 Shop Tampines Mall
80 Middle Road,
1, Woodlands Square,
2 Jurong East St 21,
Jurong West Central 3 JP2,
23 Serangoon Central,
#B1 - 56
1 Sengkang Square,
4 Tampines Central 5,


Enjoy the convenience of online trade-in​​


Trade-in up to 2 weeks after
purchase of your new device

Peace of mind

Up to 2 weeks to back up data
and ensure none is lost

Doorstep Delivery

Arrange for the pick up of your old
device at your preferred date and time

Full trade-in value

Receive the full amount for
your trade-in phone






Upgrade with M1: Trade-In Samsung Phones, Apple iPhones & More

Snag up to $200 off your next device when you trade-in eligible devices with M1. Trading up with your old Samsung, Apple iPhone, or other Android mobile devices is not just easy, it’s also rewarding. M1 offers outstanding flexibility and options when it comes to upgrading your mobile phone in Singapore. With our attractive deals, you get the best out of every trade.

Why Trade-In Your Device with M1?

See how M1’s trade-up program can help you unlock significant savings on your next upgrade.

Wide Range of Eligible Devices

Our trade-in program is designed to accommodate a diverse array of devices, ensuring that everyone can benefit. Whether it’s a newer model or an older-generation 3G device*, we welcome all. We make it effortless to trade in a wide range of devices. This includes older phones, tablets, and smartwatches from brands like Samsung, Apple, Oppo, Huawei, Xiaomi and more. With our program, you can unlock significant savings on your next device, even when trading in older technology.

*Trade-in of 3G mobile phones can only be done at M1 shops.

H3 Hassle-Free Trade-In Process, Online and In-Store

M1 streamlines your upgrade experience with a trade-in process that’s as convenient as it is flexible. Opt for our online trade-in and rest easy, knowing you have a full two weeks after purchasing your new device to back up and securely transfer your data.

Prefer a personal touch? Visit any of our M1 Shops* across Singapore and benefit from expert assistance and instant savings. Whether online or in-store, M1 ensures you have the best experience transitioning from your old to your new device.

*Daily operating hours for mobile phone trade-in at M1 Shops: 12pm – 9pm.

M1 Trade-Up Program Guidelines

Criteria for Trade-In Participation

Only M1 customers who have signed up or re-contracted on a Bespoke Contract, Bespoke Flexi, or a 2-year CORI plan are eligible for the trade-in program.

Timeframe for Trade-In Submission

Make sure to submit your trade-in request quickly after signing up or re-contracting with M1. You have a two-week window to ensure you can enjoy all the benefits of our trade-up program.

Preparing Your Device for Trade-In

Before trading in, take the time to back up your data and remove all security locks and passwords. Perform a factory reset and remove your SIM/memory cards. You can also remove your phone case and screen protector, which will help our specialists quickly evaluate your device. Remember, you'll only need to hand in the device itself; accessories such as adaptors or USB cables are not required.

Maximising the Trade-In Value of Your Old Device

To ensure you receive the highest trade-in value, your device must be free of defects. Disqualifying conditions include power issues, unresponsive touch screens, signs of corrosion, screen burn-in, or missing components.

If you're uncertain about the state of your device, our trade-in specialists will conduct a thorough assessment and offer a final price on collection day.

Available Brands for Your New Upgrade

After trading in your old device, choose your new phone from a range of leading brands. Trade-up to Samsung's newest Galaxy Z series, Fold 5, or Flip 5 models, Apple's latest iPhone 15 variants, or a diverse range of Android devices. M1's selection is designed to suit every preference.

Visit our page to explore all the available smartphone brands and find the perfect upgrade for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About the M1 Mobile Trade-up Program

What does it mean to trade-in your device?

Trading in a device generally refers to the process of exchanging your old electronic device, like a phone, tablet, or smartwatch, for a credit or discount towards the purchase of a new one. This practice is a convenient way to upgrade to newer technology while getting value out of your used devices.

With M1's trade-up program, customers have the opportunity to trade in their old eligible devices and receive an instant discount on a brand-new device. This program is tailored to make your transition to the latest models both cost-effective and seamless, ensuring the best overall experience when buying a new phone.

Can Samsung phones be traded?

Yes! Samsung phones can be traded in through M1's trade-up program. We accept a variety of Samsung models, allowing you to exchange your old Samsung phone for a discount on a new device.

Our program is designed to facilitate a smooth upgrade to the latest Samsung models or any other brand of your choice available in our extensive selection.

How much do you get for a trade-in iPhone?

The trade-in value for an Apple iPhone with M1 can be up to $150 off on your new device purchase. The exact amount you receive depends on several factors, including the specific iPhone model, its condition, and current market values. We assess each device individually to ensure you get the best possible offer for your iPhone trade-in.