If you've ever thought that our attention spans are becoming shorter, you’re right.

In fact, a study sponsored by Microsoft revealed that our attention spans, on average, dropped a whopping 4 seconds - from 12 seconds down to just 8!

While there may be many different factors contributing to this, the biggest one is arguably social media. With so much content to check out, we’re always scrolling for the next hilarious meme or cat video, making it hard to remain focused on one thing for a long period of time.

So, it’s no surprise that TikTok, a platform for uploading and viewing short 15 second videos, got so popular.

What is TikTok & How Did it Get So Popular?

TikTok found its roots in 2014 when two Chinese entrepreneurs, Luyu Yang and Alex Zhu, launched an app called Musical.ly. This app allowed users to create and share music-centric videos with friends, family and followers. It quickly gained a lot of traction around the world. So much so that just 3 years after its inception in 2017, Beijing-based media company ByteDance bought it for $800 million.

At that time, ByteDance already had a similar app available called TikTok. So, they simply shifted Musical.ly users and their videos over to TikTok. Thanks to this merging of users, the app experienced a surge in popularity, with downloads being on par with major apps like WhatsApp, YouTube and Instagram!

Now, there are more than 700 million active TikTok users around the world. Whether hoping that other users will watch their uploads or to watch others’ videos, users have transformed TikTok into a social media juggernaut.

As with all social media platforms, while TikTok draws criticism for some questionable and cringe-worthy content, there are also wholesome, inspirational, and educational videos to be found too. Rice Media wrote a fantastic article about how content has shifted on TikTok to cover messages of body positivity and inclusivity.

Which of the Latest Phones are Best for TikTok?

If you’re thinking of getting involved on TikTok and are wondering which is the best phone to film TikTok videos, there are several things you'll want to look out for: video camera quality, processing power (including RAM), resolution, and display size.

Here are our top handset suggestions for budding TikTok content creators.

1. iPhone 15 Pro Max

The latest iPhone 15 Pro Max ticks most of the boxes when it comes to specs that will help you create great videos for TikTok. Designed with a 48MP triple rear camera system and 12MP Ultra Wide Selfie camera, you can bet that videos and photos taken with this phone will be nothing short of impressive. Furthermore, with Dolby Vision 4K HDR video recording technology, an excellent video quality is virtually guaranteed.

Plus, the Apple A16 Bionic chipset is great, and best of all, it’s 5G compatible.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but wish to stick with Apple, check out the other iPhone 15 models.

2. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 5G

If you prefer Android to Apple, you might want to opt for the latest Samsung phone, the Samsung S24 Ultra 5G, which is from the Samsung Galaxy S series range. Built with 2 Telephoto cameras and a laser autofocus module, its 200MP Wide sensor and 12MP Ultra-Wide cameras only add to its appeal. And with its Bright Night sensor, you'll be able to record videos even in low light environments. 5G-compatible just like iPhone 15 Pro Max, this latest Galaxy S24 series from Samsung is one to really consider.

3. HUAWEI P60 Pro

The HUAWEI P60 Pro also has great potential for TikTok. It comes with a triple camera setup - 48MP Main, 13MP Ultra-Wide, and 48MP Telephoto cameras. This handset also comes with a range of rear camera capture modes such as Light Painting, Monochrome, Burst Shooting, and more.

4. Other Camera Phones

In addition to the three brands mentioned above, you should also take into consideration the camera smartphones that M1 offers: OPPOVivo, nothing and Xiaomi. These brands all have camera phones that are worth looking into.

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