M1 Mobile Plans - The Telco with the Best Phone Plans in Singapore

Searching for a well-priced unlimited data plan in Singapore with mobile phone instalment options?  M1 offers exactly that — and so much more.


With options ranging from Singapore’s best prepaid data plans to no contract mobile plans with unlimited data and a brand-new phone from $0 upfront, you’ll find the best mobile plans tailored for you, made by you.

With so many different add-ons available such as free Data Usage alerts via SMS and great mobile data packs, M1 offers a fully personalised mobile plan experience!

Mobile Phone Data Plans with a Difference

Whether it’s one of the fantastic bespoke plans or M1 Prepaid SIM plans with data, when you choose M1 as your network provider, you have the freedom of adjusting both your data allowance and call minutes every month using the My M1+ App.

So if you’re planning to binge the new season of your favourite show, simply increase your allowance to accommodate - but if your phone plan already has unlimited data, you’re good to go! Conversely, if you are looking to disconnect for a few weeks and go for a staycation; simply decrease the number of call minutes you have currently!

The bottom line is, with M1, you have complete freedom to make any changes you need with zero hassles - no admin fee, interest rates or other hidden costs. Talk about the ultimate mobile experience!

1. Mobile Phone Instalment Plans in Singapore

The last thing you want is to have to sign your life away to a confusing and downright questionable contract just to get the latest handset.

At M1, we’ve simplified the way mobile phone instalment plans work in Singapore with the progressive Bespoke Flexi Plan. It’s as easy as these 4 steps:

  1. Choose your new mobile phone online from as little as $0 upfront
  2. Select an instalment period ranging from 12 to 36 months
  3. Decide on your monthly data and minutes allowances (which can be changed monthly, on the fly), and select a mobile data pack or other add-ons
  4. Order and wait for your brand-new handset to arrive at your doorstep!

2. 2-Year Contract Mobile Plan

Prefer a 2-year contract plan? The Bespoke Contract Plan is the one for you! Select the mobile phone brand of your choice and toggle between various monthly price plans that fit your budget, data talktime, and SMS requirements — and you are good to go.

   3. A No Contract SIM-only Mobile Plan

If you’re all set with a mobile device and think it’s time to re-contract or make the switch to M1, the Bespoke SIM-only Plan might be a good fit for you – one of the top customisable mobile plans. With our limited time offers, you might just get free 1000 call minutes, 1000 SMS, and Unlimited Weekend Data for 12 whole months. Yes, you read that right – for an entire year! Simply create your personalised plan by choosing your ideal data allowance and call minutes, and you’ll be entitled to exclusive discounts upon checkout. Find out more about No contract SIM plans offer

4. Best Prepaid Data Plan in Singapore

Choose from our M1 Prepaid SIM cards available at affordable prices. Head down to any of the M1 shops or our prepaid preferred partners and authorised retailers with the necessary documents and register with us. Once you have received the SIM card, get the full prepaid experience by selecting your preferred add-ons either through the M1 prepaid portal online or mobile app to boost your mobile plan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Plans

How to choose a mobile phone plan?

You’re free to choose a no contract mobile plan with phone instalments or a Bespoke Contract Plan. Once you’ve decided on your preferred option, you can then determine if you’d like an unlimited data plan and call minutes or customise from the varying allowances and talktime available.

When you opt for one of our online exclusive mobile data plans, such as the Bespoke Flexi Plan, you’re free to adjust your allowances easily every month!

How do mobile phone plans work?

The best prepaid data plans in Singapore, available right here at M1, are no contract plans that you simply recharge with additional funds after the allocated amount of time per your chosen prepaid plan.

If you require a new handset, go with a mobile phone instalment plan; pay as little as $0 upfront for a new handset and simply make monthly repayments on top of your chosen mobile plan. Either way, you’ll receive a monthly bill that summarises all payment requirements.

How do I sign up for a mobile phone plan with M1?

It really couldn’t be easier! For any of the M1 Bespoke plans, simply head to m1.com.sg and sign up. Once you’ve created an account, determine whether you’d like a new phone. If you are looking for a brand new handset, go for the Bespoke Flexi mobile phone instalment plan or Bespoke Contract Plan. Otherwise, the SIM-only plan will be a better choice. After which, select the amount of call minutes and data you need - unlimited? 65GB? 20GB? The choice is entirely yours. The final step is choosing from the wide variety of add-ons available – we have Singapore’s one of the best mobile data packs, 5G Booster packs, and so much more.