Citi M1 Card

S$200 cash back* with new Citi M1 Card sign-up

Be sure to apply for the Citi M1 Card to enjoy a slew of great benefits at M1!

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Here’s a whole list of benefits to put a smile on your face when you sign up for the Citi M1 Card:

  • Up to 10% Citi M1 Rebate on your recurring M1 bills
  • Waiver of all registration fees on M1 VAS*
  • Waiver of activation fees for Data Passport*
  • Waiver of re-contract administration fee*

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what you need

  • Free replacement for lost and damaged SIM Card
  • 10% discount off handset accessories

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for you

  • Redemption of Citi M1 Rebate to offset your M1 bill and M1 Shop purchases*
  • Citi M1 Rebates never expire


*Coming soon for Bespoke Plan customers.



Now, It Pays To Spend

Earn Citi M1 Rebate on Amount (Rebates)
Recurring M1 bills Up to 10%
Purchases at M1 Shop 1%
Other retail purchases 0.3%


The Many Things You Can Do

Ever wonder what you can use your Citi M1 Rebate for? Well, we have the answers right here:

  • Offset your M1 Bill or devices and accessories purchase at M1 Shops
  • Offset your retail purchases with Pay with Points
  • Convert to KrisFlyer Miles ($1 Citi M1 Rebate = 55 KrisFlyer Miles)

It's Easy To Reward Yourself

Checking and redeeming your Citi M1 Rebate for more rewards doesn’t have to be a chore. You can follow these 3 easy steps to get it done:

  • Login to Citibank Online
  • SMS "Rewards" to 72484 to check your Citi M1 Rebate balance and redeem it to offset your M1 bills