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Our cheapest plan


24 months


12 months


Good for:

1-2 Person with basic internet browsing

Our best value plan


24 months


12 months


Good for:

1-4 Person with 4K video streaming needs

Our most popular plan


(Dual 1Gbps connections)

24 months


Good for:

Larger households

Dedicated connection for uninterrupted experience

Built for gamers



24 months


Good for:

1-4 Person with gaming needs


Our plans come with the following perks

12-month Plan


  • Home Fixed Line
  • Optical Network Terminal (ONT) Activation (worth up to $91.68​)

24-month Plan


  • Home Fixed Line
  • Optical Network Terminal (ONT) Activation (worth up to $91.68​)

4G Mobile Broadband


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M1 - The Best Home Fibre Broadband Provider in Singapore

When you’re searching for the best internet service provider in Singapore, we believe you’re looking for a telco that offers incredible speeds at the best value. Oftentimes, Internet providers will quote a particular speed and make bountiful promises in terms of connectivity. However, once you’ve subscribed to their home broadband services, you soon realise it’s nowhere near what you’d expected.

Singapore Home Broadband Offer Comparison

If you’re looking for broadband internet promotions and wondering which is the best broadband internet and telephone provider in Singapore, you only need to take a look at the lightning-fast broadband speeds you’ll be getting with M1. Combine that with the wide array of cheap broadband plans we’ve made accessible, and you’ll see why we’re one of the leading fibre broadband providers in the region. From uninterrupted gaming sessions to running a busy home office, our wireless internet plans offer unlimited access to broadband speeds for every need.

Compare our home internet contract plans and with other fibre broadband services in the market, and you’ll soon realise our home broadband offers are one of the best!

Singapore’s Fastest Internet Connection Just for You

As one of the top fibre optic internet providers in Singapore, we understand how important it is to offer services for broadband internet access, so you never have to worry about running out of data. Be it for gaming, home office operations, and every other area of usability, our list of broadband plans will have you covered with unlimited data usage.

In addition to delivering the fastest fibre optic broadband in Singapore, you’re also free to select any of our fantastic broadband add-ons when you sign up for a M1 fibre broadband plan.

The Most Affordable Home Broadband Plan

Need internet connection for general web surfing and social networking on one or two devices? It might be worth considering the 500 Mbps broadband contract plans. Available in both 12-months and 24-months contractual periods, get 500Mbps fibre broadband with fixed voice and ONT activation from $30+ per mth onwards. For greater wireless surfing and a boosted Wi-Fi experience, top-up from $6.18/mth for an ASUS RT-AX3000p or TP-Link Archer AX72.

Best Value Broadband Internet Service

Looking for the ultimate connectivity solution for you and your family? Our best value 1Gbps broadband service is ideal for families that have multiple devices connected to the wireless network. Multiplayer online gaming and 4K video streaming will also be uninterrupted. Available in 12-months and 24-months contractual periods, take your pick and choose any device add-ons for a better serving experience.

Best Fibre Broadband Plan for Gaming

Calling all gamers striving to get an edge and stay ahead. We’ve got the best broadband plan for gaming! The 24-months GamePRO 1Gbps plan includes a FREE Asus gaming router at just $52.97/mth. You’ll enjoy the highest prioritisation in traffic, lower latency and custom managed routes to overseas servers for smoother game plays.

Whatever your choice is, you’ll be glad to know that there are no bandwidth caps or data usage limitations with M1 fibre broadband plans as all plans come with unlimited data usage! Hence, as you’re bound to have realised by now, if you’ve been searching for the cheapest / best value for money Wi-Fi plans in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place!

Frequently Asked Questions About M1’s Home Fibre Broadband Plans

What is the best fibre speed for home use?

If you spend a lot of time gaming, the best broadband plan we offer is the GamePRO 1Gbps plan, which will offer you the highest priority traffic-wise while gaming. Plus, you might just be able to enjoy seasonal fibre broadband promotions — keep your eyes peeled for them!

For those looking for home office broadband or have larger families that do a decent amount of streaming simultaneously, we highly recommend the ultra-fast 1Gbps fibre optic broadband plan either on a 12 or 24-month contract. No fibre broadband plan out there provides better value for money with our bundle promotion.

Casual users can opt for the 500Mbps fibre broadband internet plan; you’ll enjoy seamless browsing, all for the highly affordable price of just $30.45/mth on a 24-month plan. However, if you’re looking for a short-term contract, we have a 1-year contract plan too!

How do I choose a fibre broadband plan?

The optimal way to determine which is the best fibre broadband internet plan for you is to gauge your home internet usage. Once you’ve done that, you can then compare M1’s broadband plans and go with the one that meets your needs.

However, if you’re looking to make the switch to the best internet service provider in Singapore due to a desired increase in speed, opt for one of our 1Gbps fibre broadband plans and give your plan a boost with a next-gen Wi-Fi 6 router or a Wi-Fi mesh system to get rid of any Wi-Fi dead spots.

How do I sign up for a broadband plan with M1?

Signing up with Singapore’s best fibre optic home broadband service provider really couldn’t be easier! Simply compare our home internet solutions and choose the one that will work best for you on either a 12 or 24-month contract. No worries if that’s all you’re after - just follow the prompts, browse all the fantastic broadband add ons we have available, and complete the sign-up process. As we’re also one of Singapore’s leading internet telephone providers, be sure to take advantage of our great internet telephone deals too! For more information on our home broadband services, browse our fibre broadband FAQ page.