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Keep in touch with your family and friends no matter where you are with our flexible data services and rates.

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Where are you going


We get it. You Want to stay in touch and stay connected. With our Data Passport the world get's smaller.

For Data Roaming

Roam on Preferred Network

Pay per Use


If you're a non-business registered postpaid customer and above 18, you just need to activate the service to use it! 

For Calls and Texts
Type Voice Call Rates ($/min) Video Call Rates ($/min)
Incoming Call $3.00 -
Call Singapore $5.00 -
Call International $4.00 -
Call Local $1.90 -
Each SMS sent costs $0.90 and receiving is free of charge.
Available networks
Network Display Data
Afghan Wireless Communication AWCC Yes
Etisalat Afghanistan Etisalat Yes (3G)
TDCA TDCA / Roshan Yes

Note: Additional 20% charge applies on all roaming rates for Pay Per Use Roaming customers.

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