fulfil that wanderlust.

Globetrotter and a data junkie? Make calls and SMSes as you travel across the globe with our roaming subscriptions!


Roaming Subscription And Pay-Per-Use

If you travel frequently, enjoy savings on roaming usage with Roaming Subscription. Alternatively, subscribe to Pay Per Use Roaming that comes with zero registration and subscription charges!

To data roam, don’t forget to activate Data Roaming/Data passport.


How is it charged?



  $20 Registration Fee

  $10 Monthly Subscription

  Usage charge applies by destination

 Save up to 20% on roaming usage for voice calls and SMS



  Free Registration Fee and Subscription

  Usage charge applies by destination.


All non-business registered postpaid customers (above the age of 18) are automatically provided with Pay Per Use Roaming service.



Activation and De-activation

Pay per Use roaming is activated by default

To activate Roaming subscription, download My M1+ App

1. Access the Roaming tab, enter and choose the destination
2. Tap Roaming Subscription
3. Tap Good to go / Unsubscribe
4.Choose Confirm / Yes, I am sure to activate or de-activate

Other Roaming Services



Do I need to activate Roaming Subscription to use data roaming?
To use data while roaming, you only need to activate Data Passport or Data Roaming depending on the country that you are visiting via My M1+ App.

Why do I need to activate Roaming Subscription?
Pay per use Roaming charges is 20% higher without Roaming Subscription.

Why do I need Pay Per Use Roaming?
Without this service, you will not be able to use voice and SMS while roaming.