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Keep in touch with your family and friends no matter where you are with our flexible data services and rates.


Where are you going next?

We get it.You wanna stay in touch and stay connected.Well, with our roaming, it's like you never left.


For Data Roaming

Roam on Preferred Network


Daily Passport

 $3.95 for 24 hours
*Refer note for eligible plan






Data Passport

Choose from these various plans:

$35 Data Passport
$65 Europe Data Passport





Pay per Use


Not applicable for customers on M1 Bespoke Plans if the country is eligible for Data Passport



*Eligible for M1 Bespoke Flexi, Bespoke Contract, Bespoke SIM-only & Bespoke Family


For Calls and Texts

TypeVoice Call Rates ($/min)Video Call Rates ($/min)
Incoming Call$2.58$3.00
Call Singapore$4.42$5.50
Call International$4.42$6.00
Call Local$2.58$2.50
Each SMS sent costs $0.67 and receiving is free of charge.

Available networks

KT CorporationKT / ollehYes (4G)YesYesYes
LG UplusLG U+Yes (4G)YesYesNo
SK TelecomSK Telecom / KOR SK Telecom / 450 05Yes (4G & 5G)YesYesYes

*VoLTE calls available in SK Telecom network.


Note: Additional 20% charge applies on all roaming rates for Pay Per Use Roaming customers.


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