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M1 and Huawei add a 5G touch
to Singapore’s Lunar New Year festivities

M1 collaborates with Huawei to enhance
the Chingay parade experience with 5G drone and AR effects


SINGAPORE, 30 JANUARY 2020 – M1 Limited (M1) and Huawei International Pte Ltd (Huawei) today announced that they are working together to enhance this year’s Chingay parade experience with advanced 5G standalone (SA) network technology.

Organised by People’s Association (PA), the Chingay is one of Asia’s largest street parade. It is held annually to showcase Singapore’s cultural heritage and diversity and to mark the Lunar New Year festivities. The two-day parade, themed ‘Colours in Harmony’, will be held on 31 January and 1 February 2020 at the F1 Pit Building, and will feature an array of vibrant performances and displays.

Adding a unique technological element to this year’s parade, M1 and Huawei will deploy its 5G SA network infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment to enhance the overall parade experience. This includes the deployment of a camera drone to capture footage of one of the key highlights of the Chingay parade - the longest dragon dance in the world, which measures 108-metres long and two-metres wide. This footage will then have special augmented reality (AR) effects added to it and transmitted to a live web broadcast for viewers to stream online.

With M1’s low latency and high bandwidth 5G network, viewers can enjoy an AR enhanced viewing experience through the live web broadcast. In the latest Opensignal Singapore Mobile Network Experience report[1], M1 was ranked first for Latency Experience, attaining the fastest responsiveness time of just 26.6ms. With 5G technology aiming to deliver even more responsive networks in the years ahead, M1 is well-positioned to capitalise on its low-latency responsive network to support a wide range of applications and services, as well as the development of innovative smart solutions in Singapore.

“M1 is exhilarated to add an innovative 5G touch to this year’s Chingay parade and be a part of the vibrant celebrations organised by the PA. By capturing and live-streaming a bird’s-eye-view of the world’s longest dancing dragon with viewing experience augmented by AR effects, we have showcased our capabilities to innovate and tap the benefits of 5G SA technology. This live demonstration is a glimpse of how we could harness 5G to enhance the way our customers work, live and play, ahead of full-fledged 5G network deployment in Singapore,” said Mr Denis Seek, Chief Technical Officer, M1.

“Huawei is thrilled to collaborate with M1 and the People’s Association to demonstrate the impact and benefits of 5G for Singaporeans. This high-quality live broadcast of the parade enabled by 5G is only the beginning of this journey. Huawei's technology is designed to improve lives and we will continue to unleash the deeper potential of 5G, as we work with our partners to help Singapore attain its goal of becoming a global front-runner in 5G implementation,” said Mr Nicholas Ma, Chief Executive of Huawei International.

[1]Opensignal Singapore Mobile Network Experience Report – December 2019