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M1 rolls out prepaid eSIM card for tourists

The M1 Prepaid Tourist eSIM card for visitors is a first for Singapore


SINGAPORE, 17 May 2019 – M1 Limited (M1) today announced the launch of M1 Prepaid Tourist eSIM card for tourists visiting Singapore.

A first for Singapore, the M1 Prepaid Tourist eSIM card will allow visitors to activate tourist prepaid plans on compatible iPhones1, allowing them to use both their overseas SIM and M1 prepaid eSIM on one device without the need to change physical nano-SIM cards.

Inbound tourists can purchase M1 Prepaid Tourist eSIM card from any Meet & Greet counters, selected Changi Recommends counters and Cheers convenience stores located at Changi Airport, as well as all M1 Shops.

“Visitor arrivals to Singapore hit a record high of 18.5 million last year and this is an important segment we serve through our prepaid cards. The eSIM enables us to give tourists an easy way to buy our prepaid service without having to handle a physical SIM. We are incredibly excited that the M1 Prepaid Tourist eSIM card is the first in Singapore, an even simpler option that gives tourists a better experience when they use prepaid to stay connected on mobile,” said Ms Wang Li-Na, Director of Marketing, M1.

M1 Limited is the first and only operator to support eSIM plans on iPhones in Singapore. The use of eSIM offers benefit of having multiple cellular plans for personal, business and roaming use in a single device.

Compatible iPhone models include iPhone XS, iPhone MS Max and iPhone XR