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Bundle Packs


Get them whenever you need to give your plan a little boost.


Unlimited Weekend Data Add-on

Stream, surf and game to your heart’s content with Free-flow Weekend Data.

Registration Charge Monthly Subscription
Free $6



Want convenience and seamless connectivity? We’ve got it! Use 1 mobile / mobile broadband number on up to 3 devices, without the hassle of switching SIM cards.

Monthly Subscription SIM Card
$10.70 $37.45

  • All charges stated above are based on per additional Multi-SIM card subscription.
  • Usage Charges
    • Deductible from mobile plan bundle
    • Excess is charged at prevailing rates

    Visit any M1 Shop or Customer Service Centre to subscribe now.


Caller Number Display

Know who is calling you before you pick up the call.

Registration Charge Monthly Subscription
$10.70 $5.35

Caller Number Non-Display

Value confidentiality? So do we! Keep your number confidential when you make a call.

Available either on a permanent or per call basis.

For permanent basis, your mobile number will never be displayed on all recipients’ phone.

For per call basis, your number will not be displayed for that particular call. Simply enter #31# before dialling the number to call.

Registration Charge Monthly Subscription
Free $5.35



Never miss a message again! Callers can leave a voice message when you are unavailable to pick up a call. Subscribe to Voicemail Plus for a larger voicemail inbox.

Disclaimer: Airtime charges apply. A registration charge of $10.70 applies for Voicemail Plus.

Click here for Voicemail set-up guide.


Wi-Fi Calling

Utilise your talktime bundle to make clear phone calls as you would on your mobile cellular network. Switch seamlessly between any local Wi-Fi connection and our 4G Voice network, all while staying connected even in places with limited coverage.

Do ensure you have the following:

  • An M1 Postpaid plan with 4G VAS subscription
  • Local Wi-Fi connection
  • Selected devices purchased from M1

Data Usage Alert

Worried about exceeding your data? Fret not. Be notified via SMS when you have used 75%, 90% and 100% of your local data bundle.

The best part? This service is provided free of charge!

FAQs | T&Cs


Local Missed Call Alert

Missed a call? Receive an SMS alert with the caller's mobile number, date and time of call.

The best part? This service is provided free of charge!


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