caller number

Frequently Asked Questions


1. I would like to activate Caller Number Non-Display, what options do I have?
For Bespoke plans
You may activate this add-on via My M1+ App

For non-Bespoke plans:
You need to select one of the options:

1. SMS your preference to 1627

Permanent basis : act Nondisplayp
Per call basis : act Nondisplayc

2. Activate via My M1 App
3. Activate via Manage My Account


2. What is the difference between Caller Number Non-Display on a permanent and per call basis?
For Caller Number Non-Display on a permanent basis, your number will not be displayed on all recipient’s phone. Whereas, per call basis will allow you to decide not to display your number for the call that you are making. Simply enter #31# before dialling the number to call.

3. Does this service work when I make calls to an overseas number?
It may not work as the service is dependent on the overseas network operator.