Facebook, WhatsApp or WeChat Pack. Take your pick!

Our social packs are affordable and it covers your usage for the whole month! Now you can have a peace of mind while keeping in touch.

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How do I get it?

Simply download the M1 Prepaid App, login to M1 Prepaid Portal or dial #100*3*3# and let the magic happen.

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^Not valid for Facebook Messenger.

#Only valid for voice calls, video calls, sending and receiving of documents, images, video clips and audio clips, voice messages and text messages.



Prepaid Social Data Packages

Posting selfies on Facebook, and staying in touch with loved ones constantly on WhatsApp? Perhaps you’re connecting with friends and international clients through WeChat? Although these are all free social, messaging, and calling apps, heavy use of these platforms will probably lead to high usage of your mobile phone data. The result of this? A bill shocker at the end of the month - something none of us are a fan of. At M1, we ensure that you can stay on the pulse of social media with our prepaid mobile internet package. Keeping you connected and covering your data usage for a whole month, you can now stay in touch with a peace of mind!

Multiple Mobile Internet Package for Social Media

How does having 3 different social data packages to choose from sound? This is exactly what our range of prepaid mobile solutions has to offer. Big packs for a small price, monthly subscriptions start from prices as low as $5/mth. These social data plans offer prepaid users 30GB or more monthly data access to Facebook, WhatsApp, or WeChat. Choose 1 or all 3 Prepaid Social Packs, and enjoy non-stop messaging and socialising with friends and family.

Facebook Package

Access Facebook, update your profile, upload your favourite pictures, and a whole lot more without incurring extra data charges. Even if you’d like to chat privately with your friends using Facebook chat, our Facebook social pack has you covered. At just $7/mth, you’ll get 32GB to stay connected on this platform.

WhatsApp Package

Chat, send and receive WhatsApp calls, pictures and videos with no extra data charges. For just $5/mth, our WhatsApp social data package provides 30GB of data for 30 days so you’ll never have to worry about needing Wi-Fi connection to access all your WhatsApp messages!

WeChat Package

All for using the popular social media messaging app, WeChat, when talking to clients, friends and family overseas? Forget making expensive roaming calls when in Singapore! With a subscription of $5/mth for 30GB, send and receive messages, photos, and videos with no additional charges to your monthly phone bill.

Stay in Touch with M1

Checking Facebook and replying to messages on WhatsApp or WeChat only when connected to home broadband might not be feasible for many. But with our selection of mobile internet packages for social media, you can live it up with M1 prepaid! Add more add-ons like the 30-day Data Pack and never worry about busting your data limits again. Simply download the M1 Prepaid app, subscribe to your favourite data packs, and let the magic happen.

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Data Packages

Can my remaining data balance be rolled over?

Yes. Your remaining data balance can be carried over to the next month. Be sure to subscribe to a social pack before the expiration of your existing subscription pack for a successful rollover.

Are there any limitations to M1’s Prepaid Social Packs?

These social packages are only valid for mobile Facebook, WhatsApp and WeChat apps. Using the desktop version through personal hotspots or web browsing in these instant messaging applications are not valid. In addition, data connection is only covered locally, in Singapore, and data roaming charges still apply when using data overseas. To never lose connection overseas, consider M1’s Prepaid Tourist SIM.

How do I sign up for a social data package with M1?

Signing up for our mobile Facebook, Whatsapp and WeChat package could not be easier! If you are ready to subscribe to any of these 30-day social data packages, simply download the M1 Prepaid app or log in to the M1 prepaid portal. You could also dial #100*3*3# for an equally quick subscription process and #100*2*7# to check your Prepaid Social Pack’s balance and expiry date.