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Critical Information Summary

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Service Plan Subscription Details

• M1 Maxx Base Plan has no minimum commitment period and is auto renewed on a monthly basis, unless instructed otherwise by the customer. It consists the following services:
- Subscription Price: $5/month
- Promotional Discount: ^100% ($5)
- Local Data: 200MB
- Local Call: 10 mins Outgoing Calls & Free Incoming Calls
- Local SMS: 50 Outgoing SMS
- Free Caller Number Display until further notice
- Term: 1 Month
^Promotional Discount

• $18 Maxx (30 days) add on via online purchase has no minimum commitment period and will come with the M1 Maxx Base Plan as specified above.
- Subscription Price: $18
- Local Data: 100GB
- Local Call: 500 mins
- Local SMS: 50 Outgoing SMS
- IDD: 150 mins (Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Bangladesh, India)
- Roaming data: 2GB (Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh)
- Validity: Auto-renewed every 30 days

M1 Maxx service is on 4G Network. For more info, visit

Maxx Base Plan Promotional Discount

1. Base Plan @ $0 Promotion Discount will be valid till further notice. Refer to M1 website for latest update.

2. If customer register the Maxx SIM card and does not purchase any Maxx Plan Add-On by the following day, M1 may in its discretion terminate all services and customer’s SIM card.

3. If there is 90 consecutive days of non-usage of Key Services, (i) promotional discount will be revoked, (ii) customer will be charged for the base plan for the month; and (iii) Key Services will be suspended. For the purpose of Maxx SIM plan, “Key Services” refer to data, outgoing calls and/or outgoing SMS services provided to you.

4. All services and customer’s Maxx SIM card will be terminated if customer fails to make payment within 30 days of notification, with the period starting on and including the day on which customer first receives notification on customer’s obligation to make payment for Base Plan.

5. Customer will receive SMS notification for each of the event: (i) revocation of promotional discount, charging of base plan and suspension of Key Services, and (ii) termination of all services and customer’s SIM before the date of termination.

Purchasing Maxx SIM Base Plan and Add-on via online transaction

6. If customer does not activate the Maxx SIM card within seven (7) days from the date of delivery, M1 may in its discretion terminate the SIM card.

7. Customer will be assigned a date of delivery. Generally, if customer’s order is submitted before 12pm, customer’s SIM card would be delivered the next working day between 9am to 9pm. For orders submitted after 12pm, customer’s SIM card would be delivered two workings day from the date customer submitted his/her order, between 9am to 9pm. There is no delivery on Sunday and Public holiday. If customer is assigned an alternative date, the third party courier service company delivering customer’s SIM Card will notify the customer accordingly. Communications with customer regarding delivery will by default be via the Singapore-registered mobile number or email address provided by customer when customer signed up for the Maxx SIM Only Plan.

8. For failed delivery, redelivery may be subject to charges.

9. All payment for charges due from any online transaction (including for recurring payment) for Maxx add-on can only be made via credit or debit card.


10. eBill will be delivered via M1 Maxx App.

11. Subject to clause 9, customer can make payment for charges via cash or credit/debit card.

12. Where customer has purchased a recurring plan and/or add-on and payment for customer’s recurring purchase failed, the recurring plan and/or add-on will be terminated. M1 may at its discretion allow customer to still be able to use the Base Plan (subject to other clauses in this terms and conditions). The recurring charges for the plan and/or add-on at the prevailing rates shall apply until the customer terminates his/her subscription to the plan and/or add-on.

13. All prices stated are inclusive of 7% GST and will be adjusted accordingly to the prevailing GST.

14. All payments are non-refundable.

Pay Per Use

15. Pay per use services namely data, local calls, SMS, IDD and Roaming are not supported.

Terms & Conditions

16. All services are subject to M1 registration guidelines, General Terms and Conditions and other applicable specific terms and conditions. M1 may make changes or revise these terms and conditions from time to time. Please refer to our website for our full terms and our Data Protection Policy on