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terms and conditions


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    1. Minimum Requirements
      • Applicants must be at least 15 years of age at time of application.

    2. Billing Addresses
      • Post-office box (“PO Box”) addresses and overseas addresses may not be used for registration.
      • M1 reserves the right at its sole discretion to decline any service application

    3. Documents for Verification
      • Singapore Citizen: Original NRIC (Pink) / Passport
      • Permanent Resident: Original NRIC (Blue) / Passport
      • Foreigner / Non-Resident: Employment Pass / S Pass / Work Permit / Dependent Pass / Student Pass / Passport

    1. Pay per use services (Data/Local Calls/SMS/IDD/Roaming) are not supported.

    2. An auto-generated SMS notification will be sent to you upon 80% and 100% usage of your allowances. You can check your usages and balances via the M1 Maxx App.

    3. M1's records will be used for the purpose of charging and shall be final and conclusive evidence of the duration of each call.

    4. Each customer can purchase up to 6 SIMs.

    1. Base Plan will be renewed automatically on a monthly basis.

    2. eBill will be delivered on the 28th of each month via M1 Maxx App.

    1. Base Plan @ $0 Promotion Discount will be valid till further notice. Refer to M1 website for latest update.

    2. If customer does not purchase any Maxx Plan Add-On within 2 days from registration of SIM card, with the period starting on and including the day on which customer first registered the SIM, M1 may in its discretion terminate all services and customer’s SIM card.

    3. If there is 90 consecutive days of non-usage of Key Services, (i) promotional discount will be revoked, (ii) customer will be charged for the base plan for the month; and (iii) Key Services will be suspended. For the purpose of Maxx SIM plan, “Key Services” refer to data, outgoing calls and/or outgoing SMS services provided to you.

    4. All services and customer’s SIM will be terminated if customer fails to make payment within 30 days of notification, with the period starting on and including the day on which customer first receives notification on customer’s obligation to make payment for Base Plan.

    5. Customer will receive SMS notification for each of the event: (i) revocation of promotional discount, charging of base plan and suspension of Key Services, and (ii) termination of all services and customer’s SIM before the date of termination.

    1. Payment mode will be cash unless otherwise stated by M1.

    2. All prices stated are inclusive of 7% GST (prices are subject to change depending on the prevailing GST) and all payments are non-refundable

    1. Usage deduction will be based on the following order (where applicable):
      • Maxx Plan / IDD / Add-Ons
      • Port In Bonus
      • Base Plan

    1. Port In Bonus is only applicable to $40 Maxx Port In Add-On

    2. Port In must be successfully completed within 90 days (Add-On validity) to be eligible for the Port In Bonus

    3. Bonus of 150GB (90 days) will be credited within 24 hours after Port In has been successfully completed

  • Roaming Data, Roaming Calls and Preferred Network
    1. Maxx customers can use Roaming Data and Roaming Calls on the following foreign Preferred Networks
         a. Malaysia – Celcom
         b. Indonesia - XL Axiata / Indosat
         c. Bangladesh - Robi Axiata
         d. India - IDEA Cellular
         e. China - China Unicom
         f. Philippines - Globe
         g. Myanmar - MPT

    2. Customers must purchase the correct Add-On to the intended country of travel.

    3. Customers must enable data roaming and connect to the Preferred Network on their mobile devices before using the Roaming Data service.

    4. Customers must be connected to the Preferred Network on their mobile devices before using the Roaming Calls service.

    5. Data Roaming / Roaming Calls services will not be available if the phone is not connected to the Preferred Network or once Roaming Data / Roaming Calls is fully used.

    6. Calls will be charged in per-minute blocks.

    7. When roaming, Prepaid SIM can only be used in countries where the foreign network operators support such roaming service. M1 is unable to guarantee the functions, including roaming, quality, charges and technical infrastructure of the foreign network operators.

    8. M1 will not, in any circumstances and for any reasons whatsoever, entertain any claim for a refund or any claims pertaining to or arising out of the use of this service.

    9. M1 is not responsible for corruption or removal of any files or documents due to the use of M1’s Data Plan service.

    10. M1 reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions without prior notice.

    11. M1 General Terms and Conditions additionally apply and in the event of any inconsistencies between these terms and the General Terms and Conditions, the inconsistency shall be resolved in a manner favourable to M1.