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Avoid accidental Premium Rate Services subscriptions and never have a bill shock again.

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Ever received extra charges because of your children? No more! You can prevent such instances from happening again by subscribing to PRS Barring Service.

What is PRS you say? It’s mobile content services such as ringtones, games, quiz services and chatlines. These services are usually subscribed via SMS, sent with a short code to 1460XXXX.

1. What are Premium Rate Services?
Premium Rate Services (PRS) are value-added services provided over a public telecommunications network which consists of the provision of content/facility e.g. information, quizzes, games, 1900 charity donations etc. for which charges are over and above standard network charges.
2. What is Premium Rate Services (PRS) Barring Service?
When a customer subscribes to PRS Barring Service, customers will not be able to access to all PRS (pay per use or with monthly subscription) (i) billed through M1; and (ii) provided by M1. Thus, customers will not be charged for PRS. All existing PRS that the customer has previously subscribed to will be terminated and any applicable early termination charges for the termination of existing PRS subscriptions shall apply.
3. Who can sign-up for PRS Barring Service?
This service is available for both M1 Postpaid and Prepaid customers.