Because we settle for nothing but the best. You’ll be able to boost your Fibre Broadband with these tips and tricks.


Ready your home for fiber broadband

1. Fibre-readiness Check

If you already have a Fibre Termination Point (TP) installed, your home is now fibre-ready. And that means you can sign up for an M1 Fibre Broadband service anytime.

If you have missed the free TP installation provided by NetLink Trust, you can consider selected M1 plans that offer free TP installation. M1 can also help to arrange for your TP installation upon new sign up.

2. What to expect on your Optical Network Terminal (ONT) appointment date?

The contractor from M1 will help to install the ONT and test if the Fibre Broadband connection has been successfully activated.


Get the best of connectivity

Wired Connections
1. Avoid applying excessive force on the fragile fibre cable and avoid bending it sharply or tying it too tightly.
2. Ensure you are using at least CAT6 Ethernet cable. Using the wrong category of Ethernet cable will limit your connection speed, thus causing bottleneck to your home network.
3. Ensure that your PC or Laptop is equipped with Ethernet card that supports Gigabit Ethernet. Ethernet card supports the Ethernet standard for high-speed network connection via Ethernet cables. Older cards (100Mbps) can potentially limit your connection speed.

Wireless Connections
4. Connect a wireless router to the ONT to enjoy wireless coverage on your devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones). Don’t worry if you do not have a dual-band AC router or Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh System, because M1 provides one with our selected Fibre Broadband plans. Alternatively, you can always purchase a device from M1 at an attractive price.

Router Position
5. Place your wireless router at an elevated and centralised location, with minimal obstructions. This ensures the Wi-Fi signal spreads across a wide area.
6. Refrain from placing the router inside a cabinet, TV console, storage spaces and small corners.
7. Avoid stacking the router with other electronic devices. Heat dissipated from devices may cause the router to overheat, thus affecting its performance and lifespan.

Utilise the Least Congested Wi-Fi Channel
8. Consider using other third-party software like InSSIDer (Windows) or Netspot (Mac) to identify the least congested channel and select that channel in your router’s web GUI (access it by entering in your browser’s address bar). It is likely that your neighbours’ Wi-Fi shares the same channel as yours. This causes congestion and interference which reduces your Wi-Fi speed

Hardware Maintenance
9. Consider rebooting the router once a month to fix minor performance issues.
10. Upgrade your router to the latest firmware for optimal performance.
11. Spring-clean your devices by running a Malware scan to identify and remove threats.

Consider M1 Wi-Fi Mesh
If you are still experiencing dead spots or poor Wi-Fi signal at home, consider M1 Wi-Fi Mesh solutions that provide exceptional Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home.


Different ways to wire up


Let's Get It Started


You wanna have endless conversation?


Now you can! Simply plug your home phone into the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) installed by M1 when you sign-up for Fibre Broadband, and enjoy the free Fixed Voice service.

1. How to setup Digital Voice service (DGV)?

  • Ensure that the telephone cable (RJ11) is connected to Tel 1 port on the ONT and not to wall telephone socket.
  • Ensure no phone splitter/DSL micro filter is used in this setup.

2. How do you know if your Digital Voice service (DGV) is up?

You will see a stable green light when the DGV service is on idle mode and blinking green when handset is in use/off hook.


3. When will your Fixed Number port be active?

Once Fibre installation is completed and when the service is working, your port-in number will be active in 5 working days.