terms and conditions



1. Criteria for Sunriser membership:

a. Sign up for a Bespoke Contract + $180.66 Add-on or Bespoke Contract (Business) + $77 Add-on OR
b. Customer's line must be with M1 for at least 12 months and have an average monthly billed amount of at least $300 for the last 6 consecutive months. (i.e. >=$1800 in the past 6 months bill). Eligible bill plans exclude Family Plan, Data/Supplementary Plans.

Customers who are Foreigners under work permit, Minors under age of 21 years old, or on Fixed Corporate Data Lines are not eligible for the Sunrisers programme. Enrolment to the programme will be at M1’s absolute discretion.

2. The following customers are excluded from Sunriser membership:
a. foreigners under a work permit; or
b. minors under the age of 21 years old.

3. If a member terminates his Sunriser line, all his Sunriser benefits will cease with immediate effect. Should he re-subscribe to M1, he must meet the qualifying criteria to be reinstated.

4. If a Sunriser terminates or downgrades his Bespoke Contract + $180.66 Add-on or Bespoke Contract (Business) + $77 Add-on , all his Sunriser benefits will cease.

5. Sunriser membership is for a period of 12 months, and may be renewed on an annual basis.

6. All Sunriser benefits are non-transferable and cannot be extended after the expiry of the Sunriser membership.

7. Customers who have outstanding bill payment with M1 will not be recruited as new Sunriser. If an existing Sunriser has outstanding bill payment with M1 at the time expiry of his Sunriser membership, his membership may be renewed (provided that renewal requirements are met), however customer will not be able to enjoy Sunriser benefits until he has settled his outstanding payment.

8. Customers on fixed corporate data lines are not eligible for Sunriser program.

9. All Sunriser terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. M1 reserves the right at its discretion to reject any customer application for the Sunriser membership, and to revise or amend the qualifying criteria without prior notice.

  1. For customers on Bespoke Contract + $180.66 Add-on or Bespoke Contract (Business) + $77 Add-on, renewal is confirmed as long customer remains on these bill plans.

  2. For customers on other eligible bill plans but have a spending of >=$300 on average over the past 6 months, renewal is every 12 months and will be based on the past 6 months spending.

1. Sunriser customers on Bespoke Contract + $180.66 Add-on or Bespoke Contract (Business) + $77 Add-on is entitled to a $500 Handset Discount off the normal 2-year promotional price of any handset purchased with any 2-year contract plan with M1. Voucher will be issued on the 12th month of the contract.

2. Sunriser customers on other eligible bill plans apart from Bespoke Contract + $180.66 Add-on or Bespoke Contract (Business) + $77 Add-on is entitled to a $200 Handset Discount Voucher on the first year of recruitment. Should customers get renewed in the subsequent year, the voucher will range between $350 - $500 depending on the bill spend incurred in the past 6 months’ bill. The voucher is valid for 12 months.

3. To redeem the Handset Re-contract Discount, the Sunriser line must not be tied to any existing handset contract, or if there is an existing handset contract, the term must exceed 11 months.

4. Each Sunriser who redeems the Handset Re-contract Discount must commit to a new two year handset contract.

5. One Handset Re-contract Discount is only issued for each 12 months of Sunriser membership completed with M1.

6. The Handset Re-contract Discount and/or any unutilized amount in the discount cannot be exchanged for cash, accessories or offset against any M1 bill.

7. The Handset Re-contract Discount cannot be stacked with any other benefits or discounts except for SunPerks Handset Re-contract Discounts

8. The Handset Re-contract Discount is limited to one redemption per re-contract under any circumstances.

9. Any Handset Re-contract Discount which is not utilized within the validity period shall be treated as forfeited and Sunriser will not have any recourse against M1.

10. M1's General Terms and Conditions and applicable specific terms and conditions, as published at www.m1.com.sg, are deemed incorporated herein and shall also apply.

  1. Sunrisers are entitled to free activation fee for Daily Passport and Data Passport services.

  2. Service activation is upon customer's request.

  3. Upon service activation, subscription fee per selected Daily Passport will be charged respectively.

1. Sunriser are entitled to free subscription for the Caller Number Display and Roaming services.

2. Service activation is upon customer's request. For customer who has already subscribed to Caller Number Display and/or Roaming, the service(s) will continue to be active upon the commencement of Sunriser membership at no charge.

3. Roaming service may not be available on mobile lines that are barred from making IDD connections. Please call the 24-hour M1 Customer Service Hotline at 1627 for further queries.

  1. Sunriser are entitled to receive one free SIM card replacement during the 12-month of Sunriser membership period.