Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is TVBAnywhere+?
TVBAnywhere+ is TVB’s legitimate over-the-top (OTT) service exclusively for Singapore audience offering an enormous archive of classic and latest TVB programs.

2.Where can I download the TVBAnywhere+ App?
The TVBAnywhere+ App is available for download at the Google Play and Apple App Store.

3.What kind of content will I have access to when I subscribe to TVBAnywhere+?
You will have unlimited access to original TVB dramas and variety shows ranging from the latest releases to the most classic titles.

4.When will TV content be uploaded or refreshed?
Most TVB live streaming programs will be made available within a couple hours after broadcasts in Singapore on the App, depending on the genre of programs. All programs availability is subject to final announcement by TVBAnywhere+.

5.Will the content be available for viewing outside Singapore (including VPN connections)?
No. The content is currently available for viewing within Singapore only.

6.What are the available platforms to view TVBAnywhere+ content?
Content is available for viewing on mobile devices operating on iOS 9.1 or higher or Android 5.0 or higher.

7.Am I able to stream and view the content on my Smart TV through Miracast/Airplay etc.?
No. Content is currently only available for viewing using the TVBAnywhere+ App through compatible mobile devices.

8.Is concurrent content streaming across multiple devices supported? Am I able to watch the TVB programs on multiple devices at the same time, with the same TVBAnywhere+ login credentials?
Yes. You can link up to 3 compatible mobile devices to the same TVBAnywhere+ login credentials for concurrent streaming.

9.Will there be any data charges if I access TVBAnywhere+ service on mobile device?
Yes, data charges will apply when accessing TVBAnywhere+ service.

10.I am experiencing issues with the TVBAnywhere+ App despite being connected to Wi-Fi/mobile data.
Do try to uninstall/ install your TVBAnywhere+ application to try. If you are experiencing issues with the TVBAnywhere+ App, please email to and TVB will get back to you within 3 working days.

11.I am experiencing streaming-related issues of the programs within the TVBAnywhere+ App.
Please ensure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi/mobile data network operating within Singapore. If problems persist, please contact TVB at

12.I have signed up for the TVBAnywhere+ service. How do I start watching the TVBAnywhere+ content?
An SMS containing a link and Activation PIN will be sent to you upon successful sign up. Click on the link and follow onscreen instructions to activate the service with the issued Activation PIN and start watching your favourite TVB programs.

a.For Postpaid Mobile customers, SMS will be automatically sent to the mobile number that customer signs up the service with.
b.For Mobile Broadband and Home Broadband customers, the SMS will be sent to the mobile number the customers provided at the point of sign up.

13.I am an existing Basic/Free Zone user of TVBAnywhere+. Can I use my existing TVB Member ID and subscribe to TVBAnywhere+ with M1?
Yes, you can.

14.I am an existing TVBAnywhere+ subscriber. Will I be able to successfully activate the service using the same TVB Member ID credentials, should I wish to sign up for TVBAnywhere+ with M1?
Currently, existing TVBAnywhere+ users will not be able to complete the the service activation with the issued PIN using the same TVB Member ID credentials, should they wish to subscribe TVBAnywhere+ with M1.

15.I am an M1 Mobile Broadband/Home Broadband customer. Can I provide a non-M1 mobile number for purpose of sign up and receiving the Activation PIN?
Yes, a non-M1 mobile number can be provided for purpose of signing up for this service.

16.When can I receive the SMS notification containing the Activation PIN after signing up for the service?
You will receive the SMS within the day of successful sign up.

17.I have successfully signed up and received the Activation PIN for service activation. Can I choose to activate my TVBAnywhere+ with the PIN at a later date?
Yes, you may. However, you are strongly encouraged to activate the service upon receiving activation PIN as the monthly subscription charge of $5.07 will apply a month upon your service subscription sign up date.

18.Will the monthly subscription charge (if any) be pro-rated if I decide to terminate my TVBAnywhere+ Service?
Applicable subscription charges will not be pro-rated if you decide to terminate the TVBAnywhere+ service.