Static IP



Frequently Asked Questions


1.What is Static IP?
A Static IP is an address that is uniquely yours. It'll never change, so each time you go online you will always be assigned the same IP address.

2.What are the differences between Static vs Dynamic IP?
A dynamic IP address changes at every data session. A Static IP address is unique to you and will never change.

3.I will be moving to a different address and will be relocating my home Fibre Broadband service as well. Will my Static IP address be changed?
A change of the Static IP address may be required when the home Fibre Broadband service is relocated. Do provide us with your service details and new address so that we can check if a change is necessary.

4.I want to change my Fibre Broadband plan; will my Static IP address be changed?
If you are changing from a HomePac plan to a GamePRO plan or vice versa, your static IP address needs to be changed. If not, no change is required.

5.How many Static IP addresses can I have?
Each M1 Home Fibre Broadband line can only sign up for 1 Static IP VAS.

6.If I terminate the service in the middle of my bill cycle, will the monthly fees be prorated?
Yes, your monthly fees will be prorated.