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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is My M1?
    My M1 is a one-stop application for M1 customers to check for service-related information, such as re-contract eligibility, local/roaming usages and bills. You can perform transactions like subscribing to Value Added Services and nominate M1 mobile lines for more savings with Multi-Service Saver.
    You can also check out the latest Rewards offerings and redeem for rewards using your SunPerks points. There is also a store locator feature which can check for the nearest M1 Shop from the user’s current location.

  2. Who can use My M1?
    Customers with active M1 consumer Postpaid lines (Mobile/Mobile Broadband/Home Broadband/Fixed Voice) can download and use My M1.
    M1 corporate and prepaid customers will not be able to access My M1.

  3. What are the platforms that support My M1?
    • iOS
    • Android
    Min. version requirements: iOS 8.0 and above / Android 4.3 and above.

  4. Where can I download My M1?
    You can download from iTunes or Google Play.

  5. Do I have to pay to download My M1?
    No, My M1 is a free app.

  6. I am a M1 corporate customer, why can't I log in to My M1?
    My M1 is not accessible for corporate customers.

  7. How can I login to use My M1?
    To view your individual M1 service information, you can login via
    • One-time Pin (OTP) using your M1 Mobile number
    • Service No. and password for all services
    To view all your M1 services, you can login via M1 ID.

  8. What is “Account” function in My M1?
    “Account” allows you to:
    • Check re-contract status and eligibility.
    • Subscribe to Value Added Services.
    • Nominate M1 mobile lines for more savings with Multi-Service Saver.
    • Nominate M1 numbers for free calls.
    • View Loyalty Bonus and Sunrisers vouchers.

  9. What is “Usage” function in My M1?
    “Usage” allows you to monitor your local data, talktime and SMS/MMS usage.

    For Mobile/Mobile Broadband lines, “Usage” shows an estimated unbilled data, talktime, SMS/MMS usage after your last bill cycle at a glance. Your plan bundle (where applicable) will be reflected as well.

    For Fixed Voice lines, “Usage” displays your talktime usage.

  10. How accurate is the information shown in “Usage”?
    It is an estimation of your unbilled data, talktime, SMS/MMS usage.

    Data usage is rounded up to the nearest MB or 2 decimal places for GB. Talktime is rounded up to the nearest minute.

    Percentage used is calculated based on sum of usage against plan bundle.

    For change of plan requests, the bundle of the new plan will only be effective from the next day.

  11. What is ‘Roaming’ function in My M1?
    “Roaming” allows you to:
    • Subscribe to Roaming services and Data Passport.
    • Track your overseas usage of roaming data, talktime and SMS.

  12. What is ‘Bill’ function in My M1?
    “Bill” shows the “Payable Amount” for your account, which you can make payment using My M1. My M1 accepts payment via credit cards.

    You can also view your last 6 months bills in PDF format.

  13. What is “Rewards” function in My M1?
    “Rewards” allows you to:
    • Check and redeem your SunPerks points.
    • View other rewards.

  14. What is “Find a Shop” function in My M1?
    Find a Shop shows you the address of all M1 Shops. Furthermore, if you enable the location service on your handset, this feature can also direct you to the 3 nearest M1 Shop from your current location.