FoneCare+ Lite FAQ

What is FoneCare+ Lite?

When you sign up for 400GB or 300GB any Bespoke SIM-Only Plan in-store or through M1 Online Shop, you'll receive FoneCare+ Lite bundled with it. With FoneCare+ Lite, you get the features of swapping your device once every 12 months. You will also have access to one time screen replacement (separate Terms and Conditions applies) for your device.

What devices are eligible for FoneCare+ Lite?

Eligible devices must be less than 2 years old from device launch date manufactured by one of these original equipment manufacturers: Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google, Realme, Nothing, Honor, in good condition, and successfully pass the Smartscan assessment licensed for use in Singapore. The make and model must be one that M1 has sold or is currently selling. Device need not have been purchased from M1.

How do I register my device to FoneCare+ Lite service?

To register your device into the program, simply use the registration link provided in the welcome SMS you will receive. Please make sure your device is in good working condition during registration.

Can I change my device after registration?

Yes, you can change your device up to 1 time every 12 months. You will have to use the Smartscan link to re-enrol your device via the portal: The device needs to pass through Smartscan for the change to be successful.

Can I terminate FoneCare+ Lite?

As FoneCare+ Lite is bundled with your SIM-only plan, termination for this service is not available. FoneCare+ Lite will be terminated when you terminate the SIM-Only Plan.

Will my FoneCare+ Lite service continue if I terminate my mobile line service with M1?

No. FoneCare+ Lite service will be terminated automatically once you terminate the corresponding mobile line service with M1.

Where can I file a Swap request?

You can file a request at:

What is the service request fee for Swap?

With FoneCare+ Lite you enjoy 1 Swap every rolling 12 months. An additional service fee is applicable.

Retail Price
iPhones / iPadsOther Devices (Including Foldable Devices)
< $1,000$1,000 to $1,500$1,501 to $2,000> $2,000< $600$600 to $1,500Device > $1500 or Foldables $1501 to $2000> $2000 (Foldables only)

Where can I request for a screen repair?

Please keep in mind that as subscribers to Fonecare+ Lite, you have the option to access to one-time screen replacement every 12 months. It's worth noting that screen replacement is a separate program from the Device Protection and is governed by its own terms and conditions. To learn more, please visit www.m1screenrepair.asurion.