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  1. What is FoneCare+?
    FoneCare+ is a value-added service offered to M1 Postpaid customers. This service allows you to Swap or Replace your devices for any reason and offers you the flexibility to upgrade to a new handset every year with or without a discounted Early Upgrade Fee, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria set out for the services and pay the service request fees. Terms and conditions apply.

  2. How do I sign up for FoneCare+?
    You can sign up for FoneCare+ when you sign up or renew your plan to Bespoke Flexi or Bespoke Contract and purchase a new device at M1 Online Shop.

  3. Why do I need to subscribe to FoneCare+ when I would have a 12 months warranty on the device?
    Warranty provided by device manufacturer only covers specific defects and you need to have your device in your possession. FoneCare+ allows you to Swap or Replace your devices for any reason and offers you the flexibility to upgrade to a new handset every year without or with a discounted Early Upgrade Fees as long as you meet the eligibility criteria set out for the services and pay the service request fees.

  4. I am signing up a new Bespoke SIM-only line. Can I sign up for FoneCare+?
    No, FonCare+ is only available on Bespoke Flexi and Bespoke Contract.

  5. I am an M1 mobile customer and have a device not purchased from M1. Can I sign up for FoneCare+ to protect my device?
    You can only sign up for FoneCare+ for device purchased from M1.

  6. How many FoneCare+ services can I sign up for?
    You are allowed to sign up to 3 FoneCare+ service for each Bespoke Flexi/Bespoke Contract mobile line.

  7. Is my current Registered Device still covered under FoneCare+ after I re-contract my mobile line with 2-Year contract and purchased new phone with M1?
    Yes, your current device will still be covered as long as you do not unsubscribe for FoneCare+. Upon re-contracting your mobile line, you may subscribe for another FoneCare+ for your new device.

  8. Will my FoneCare+ service continue if I terminate my mobile line service with M1?
    No. FoneCare+ service will be terminated automatically once you terminate the corresponding mobile line service with M1.

  9. How can I terminate my FoneCare+ service?
    You may access My M1+ App to terminate your FoneCare+ service. The monthly subscription fee due on the last month will be prorated to the days of actual subscription.

  1. What do I need to pay?
    You will pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.90 (incl. GST) via your M1 monthly bill once the service is activated. The first and last month of the subscription fee will be prorated to the days of actual subscription.

    No registration and activation fee required.

    A one-time service request fee is chargeable when you make any Swap or Replacement request.

  2. How do I pay for the service request fee?
    Service request fee can be paid via credit card or debit card. Our FoneCare+ customer service officer will ask for your card details and the corresponding amount will be charged to your card.

  1. Which plans that can enjoy this Upgrade benefit?
    Customers with FoneCare+ on Bespoke Contract may enjoy this benefit.

  2. What are the eligible devices for Upgrade?
    To know if your phone is eligible for Upgrade, click here for the latest updates on the eligible devices.

  3. When can I enjoy the FoneCare+ Handset Upgrade?
    You can enjoy the benefit when you return your existing registered device and early re-contract on your 12th – 20th month of your device contract at any M1 Shop or Exclusive Distributor.
    You will also need to fulfill the following conditions:
    • Have made at least 11 continuous monthly FoneCare+ payments.
    • Have not re-contracted your existing mobile Postpaid line in the last 11 months, from the date of FoneCare+ enrolment.
    • Registered Device is eligible for Upgrade.
    • Return the Registered Device in good working condition.
    • Continue with FoneCare+ service when you re-contract on your mobile line.

  4. Where can I perform a FoneCare+ Handset Upgrade?
    To enjoy the FoneCare+ Handset Upgrade on the 12th month from your FoneCare+ enrolment start date, simply bring along the Original Registered Device to upgrade to a new device at any M1 Shop or at an Exclusive Distributor.

  5. How do I know if my handset is in good working condition?
    You will need to check that the Registered Device:
    • Can turn on and off with fully functioning battery.
    • Fully functional as per original specifications (E.g. capable of making and receiving calls and connect to the internet, can be charged fully, has a touchscreen that is working properly)
    • Free from physical damage including:
      • no cosmetic defects such as chips, dents or deep scratches;
      • no liquid damage or corrosion;
      • screen and casing that is not cracked or discoloured;
      • connectors that are not damaged; and
      • SIM reader that is not faulty or broken;
    • Not subject to modification.
    • Not registered on the Singapore Police Force lost or stolen property database.

  6. What else should I do before I return my Registered Device?
    You will need to:

    Remove your SIM card.
    • Transfer and back up all your data such as photo, music, videos and contacts.
    • Delete all personal or confidential information.
    • Disable all activation and device locking features such as Find My iPhone.
    • Perform a factory re-set.

  1. What is the difference between Swap and Replacement service request?

  2. Swap is a service request for a “Like Mobile Device” in exchange for your registered device.

    Replacement is a service request for a “Like Mobile Device” if your registered device is not in your possession.

  3. What is a “Like Mobile Device”?
    • May be new or refurbished.
    • Is a similar kind, quality and functionality.
    • May be a different brand, model or colour.
    • Has a same or greater memory.
    • Is delivered in plain packaging marked “Not For Resale” rather than the original manufacturer packaging.
    • Has a different IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity).
    • Does not include any device accessories.

  4. Is there any warranty for “Like Mobile Device”?
    Yes, your “Like Mobile Devices” will be covered with a 6-month warranty against manufacturer malfunctions and defects starting from the date of delivery.

    You may make a warranty claim for your “Like Mobile Device”. A warranty claim will not count towards your Swap and Replacement entitlement. No service fee will be imposed.

  5. What happens if I recover my original registered device after I have completed the replacement service request?

    Upon acceptance of the replacement device, you have relinquished the ownership of your original registered device to FoneCare+. As such, you are required to return the original device to FoneCare+.

  6. How do I make a service request (Swap or Replacement) for my registered device?

    Simply visit our 24-hour FoneCare+ Online Portal for a Swap and Replacement request.

  7. What are the delivery hours?
  8. Acceptance Time

    Monday to Friday, 8am to 2pm

    Monday to Friday, between 2pm and midnight

    Monday to Saturday, midnight to 8am

    Saturday 8am to 2pm

    Saturday after 2pm to Sunday 10am

    Sunday after 10am to Monday 8am

    * For delivery times that fall on a public holiday, the delivery will occur on the next day that is not a public holiday.

    # If you elect the option of a Backorder, then the delivery times set out above will not apply to your Service Request.

    **Additional $85.60 (inclusive of GST) charge applies for all deliveries made on a Sunday.

  9. Can I reject the offer of a “Like Mobile Device” which is the same make and model but of a different colour?

    Yes, FoneCare+ may offer a backorder option for a similar device to be available within 30 days.

    Should the requested device be available, FoneCare+ will contact you and offer the device.

    Should you decline the device, the service request will be cancelled with the service request fee refunded to you.

  10. Can I make a service request (Swap or Replacement) after I have made a warranty claim from AppleCare or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)?
    Yes. Please inform FoneCare+ customer service hotline upon making such a warranty claim to update the enrolled device records. Hotline staff will ask you for a digital copy of the service receipt issued by AppleCare or OEM, indicating the old and the replacement device’s IMEI, as proof of exchange.

  11. Will my Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) warranty still be valid after I make a service request (Swap or Replacement)?
    No. The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) warranty will be rendered void once you make a FoneCare+ service request.