Data Protection Policy



Frequently Asked Question

  1. What personal data of mine is collected?
    Depending on the M1 services which you subscribe to, these are some examples of personal data that we may have collected on or from you:
    • Contact information ‐ Name, address, telephone number, email address, other identification details such as NRIC/FIN
    • Billing information ‐ Payment details, credit history, credit card details, bank account info
    • Equipment information ‐ Make and model of device used, IMEI number, IP address, equipment performance on our network
    • Usage information ‐ The phone numbers you call or send text messages to and vice versa, the date, time and duration of your calls or data sessions through our network, your preferences and the approximate location of your mobile device
    • Your interaction with M1 ‐ Recording of a call you make to our contact centres, an email or correspondence you send to us or other records of any contact you have with us
    • Information from other organisations ‐ Such as fraud prevention agencies, credit reference agencies or any other parties we believe you have authorised to provide your personal details on your behalf
  2. How does M1 collect my personal data?
    Below are some examples of how your personal data may be collected by us:
    • When you complete an application for our services
    • When you use our network or our other services or products
    • When you use, or contact or interact with M1 through, any of our contact channels (including our customer service hotlines, outlets, websites, applications or social media)
    • When you take part in our lucky draws, events and product launches
  3. How does M1 obtain my consent for use of my personal data?
    Your consent would have been obtained when you
    • signed up / re-contracted for our services via our application forms
    • purchase a prepaid SIM card
    • took part in our lucky draws, events or product launches
  4. How is my personal data used?
    Your personal data may be used for purposes which include:
    • Provision of Services
      ‐ Process your orders and applications for services, including delivery of service
      ‐ Facilitate interconnection and inter-operability with other telecommunication providers
      ‐ Generate bills and process payment
      ‐ Verify your identity and respond to your requests or enquiries
    • Market Research, Improve Service Delivery and Sharing of Promotional Benefits
      ‐ Conduct market research, planning, customer surveys, trend analyses and other related forms of data analytics, and to manage, develop and improve our business and operations to serve you better
      ‐ Inform you of any of our services and/or products (including updates, upgrades or promotions) and that of our partners
      ‐ Offer reward or promotional benefits, loyalty program, contests or lucky draws
    • Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management
      ‐ Comply with legal and regulatory requirements imposed by law enforcement, judicial and other Public Agencies
      ‐ Detect and prevent bad debts, fraud or other potential crimes and to recover debts
  5. Who do you share my personal data with?
    Persons or entities which we may share your personal data with include:
    • Our officers and employees, contractors, advisors
    • Business partners and vendors we work with to deliver the products and services you have subscribed to, or to develop or administer special offers, promotional benefits or marketing campaigns, or to improve and enhance your customer experience
    • Financial institutions to facilitate payments
    • Debt collection agencies, credit bureaus and other credit information companies
    • Industry regulators and other Public Agencies as required by law
    • Research companies
    • Our affiliates and related companies
  6. How do I manage my preferences in receiving marketing messages from M1?
    To ensure that you do not miss out on the latest offers, promotions or benefits, simply opt in to receive such messages. That way, you can stay posted on the latest offers, exclusive rewards, re-contract status, device launches, and much more.

    You may update your marketing communication preferences via:

    M1 Postpaid and Fibre
    M1 Maxx
    M1 Prepaid    Unsubscribe by sending SMS “NO” to 83331627

    All requests may take effect within 15 working days (except for marketing advertisements sent via bills which may take up to 2 billing cycles).

  7. How do I access the personal data M1 has on me?
    To access bill-related information or subscription details, please login to the applicable M1 mobile app.

  8. Can I make a request to M1 to access data that is not available in the M1 mobile app?
    Yes, you can write to the M1 DPO at

    Depending on the type of data you have requested for, it may take up to 30 days for processing and a fee may be imposed to retrieve such data. Please note that not all data may be accessible.

  9. Why do you collect my NRIC when I subscribe to your telecom service?
    Under the Services-Based Operations (SBO) and Facilities-Based Operations (FBO) licence requirements, telecommunication providers such as M1 are required to maintain records of our subscribers including the NRIC numbers, Foreign Identification Numbers (FIN) or passport numbers. You can refer to the PDPC website for more information.

  10. When I make enquiries with M1, why do you verify my NRIC instead of other particulars?
    IMDA has issued a set of guidelines to help telecommunication providers streamline the subscriber verification process in order to protect consumers from unauthorised or fraudulent access. You can refer to the IMDA website for more information

    Generally, M1 will make use of a combination of basic personal information and subscriber-unique information to authenticate the customers.


For further information on how we collect, use and/or disclose your personal data, please refer to our M1 Data Protection Policy, which is available at

  1. What kinds of marketing messages are covered in the Do Not Call (DNC) provisions under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA)?
    Marketing messages sent via voice call, text message or fax that promote or advertise goods or services, including business or investment opportunities.

  2. What marketing messages would I receive from M1 if I consent to receiving them?
    M1 marketing messages provide you with relevant information, update you about the latest offers, exclusive rewards, re-contract status, device launches, and much more.

  3. I still receive marketing messages from M1 after registering with the national DNC Registry. Why?
    You may have consented to M1 contacting you for marketing purposes. Or it could be that your DNC registration is still being processed.

    To ascertain the effective date of your DNC registration, please visit

  4. If I have multiple lines, do I have to provide consent for each line separately?
    Consent has to be given for each and every line.