Cyber Guardian

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is M1 Cyber Guardian?
Cyber Guardian is a parental control service that protects you and your loved ones from potentially harmful and dangerous content, or contact over the Internet. It is applicable to all Fibre Broadband, Postpaid Mobile and Mobile Broadband customers.

2. What are the applicable charges?
All first-time subscribers will enjoy 6 months promotional waiver for each Cyber Guardian service they subscribe to. Thereafter, prevailing rates of $2.75 monthly subscription applies.

3. Is Cyber Guardian a Premium Rate Service (PRS)?
No, it is not a Premium Rate Service.

4. I am subscribed to Cyber Guardian service. How can I customise my own settings?
You can log in to the Cyber Guardian portal to customise your settings.

5. How can I prevent my child from logging on to the Cyber Guardian portal and making changes?
For security purposes, Cyber Guardian requires a user to log in to the portal with his M1 ID only to manage his settings. Your child will not be able to log in without the M1 ID.

6. Does Cyber Guardian filter inappropriate YouTube and Google content?
Yes, if you enable the safe search function, inappropriate content from YouTube and Google will be filtered.

7. How does M1 decide on the level of violence/nudity of website?
The professional company that is engaged by M1 will carefully maintain and update regularly the database of websites and their categorisation.

8. Will Cyber Guardian service work if I insert my SIM card into another supported device?
Yes, Cyber Guardian is a network-based service. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the parental control settings with the same SIM card on any device. The service is tied to your mobile line.

10. Will I be protected if I connect to WiFi?
If you are subscribed to Cyber Guardian on your Fibre service, all devices connected to the router will experience the same parental control settings.

If you are subscribed to Cyber Guardian on your Mobile service, it will only experience parental control when it is on M1’s network. When you connect to Wi-Fi, the mobile line will not experience parental control settings unless there is an M1 Fibre service with Cyber Guardian.

11. I am subscribed to Cyber Guardian. Will my SurfShare line experience the Cyber Guardian settings too?
One Cyber Guardian subscription is only applicable for one mobile line, including SurfShare supplementary lines. Therefore, the SurfShare line must be subscribed separately for this service.

12. If I use my mobile device to tether, will the other connected devices experience my Cyber Guardian settings?
Yes, the other devices will experience the filtering service.

13. Is Cyber Guardian applicable for multi-SIM customer?
Yes, it is applicable to multi-SIM customers.

14. I am subscribed to Cyber Guardian and will be roaming overseas using Data Roaming/ Data Passport, will the service still work?
Yes, Cyber Guardian parental control settings will work while roaming with M1. Please note that prevailing data roaming charges apply.

15. Am I able to temporarily disable my Cyber Guardian?
Yes, you can temporarily disable the service by clicking on the ‘On/Off’ button located at the top of the portal. When viewing the portal on your mobile device, click the gear icon at the corner of the screen and select ‘Turn off Cyber Guardian’.

16. I am subscribed to Cyber Guardian. However, there are still some inappropriate content that have not been filtered.
After customising your preferred settings, remember to ‘save’ your settings to ensure that your changes are saved.
If the website/app was accessed before Cyber Guardian is active, inappropriate content may still be accessible afterwards due to an uncleared cache. Please restart your device to remove website/apps cache.