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How to get 12-mth FREE FoneCare+ Lite?

1. Sign up for our 200GB SIM-Only Plan

2. In the next month of sign up, you will receive a welcome SMS with a Smartscan link to enrol your device!


*Visit 24-hour FoneCare+ Online Portal for any service requests.

Enjoy 1 Swap every rolling 12 months. Whenever you need to swap an additional service fee is applicable.
Retail Price
iPhones / iPads Other Devices (Including Foldable Devices)
< $1,000 $1,000 to $1,500 $1,501 to $2,000 > $2,000 < $600 $600 to $1,500 Device > $1500 or Foldables $1501 to $2000 > $2000 (Foldables only)
Swap $160 $175 $260 $300 $75 $125 $240 $500
Free 5G SIM Card and Registration

Free 5G SIM Card and Registration

For online new sign up / port-ins

Free Delivery

Free Delivery

For online new sign up / port-ins

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M1 5G Sim-Only Plans – No Contract, No Strings Attached


On the lookout for the best and budget-friendly 5G SIM-only plan in Singapore, or perhaps one with no contract so you won’t be locked into a phone plan for 12 to 24 months? Look no further than M1!

Discover exclusive SIM-only plans with exciting promotions and deals like free SIM card and registration, free True 5G, unlimited weekend data, freebies and more!