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Online Trade-in Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Who is eligible for online trade-in? 
    Any M1 customer who signs up/re-contracts on Contract with Device, Bespoke Contract, Bespoke Flexi or 2-year CORI plan with device.

  2. Is online trade-in available if I have sign-up & re-contract at M1 Shops or via Online Shop only? 
    This online trade-in is available to customers who have sign-up & recontract at both M1 Shops and M1 Online shop. 

  3. Is online trade-in available to customers who sign-up/ re-contract via corporate roadshows? 

  4. Within how long upon sign-up/ re-contract must I submit the trade-in request?
    Within 2 weeks from date of sign-up or recontract. 

  5. If I signed up for a new line / re-contracted 2mths ago/ 1 year ago, will I be eligible? 

  6. I changed mind and decided not to trade-in after the appointment made with the grader. What should I do?
    Please contact CompAsia during their office hours :
    Monday to Fridays (Excluding Public Holidays) 9:00AM – 6:00PM
    Phone : +6591011978 or Email : 

  7. I have not been contacted by CompAsia within 5 working days, what should I do? 
    Please contact CompAsia during their office hours :
    Monday to Fridays (Excluding Public Holidays) 9:00AM – 6:00PM
    Phone : +6591011978 or Email : 

  8. How do I check if my online trade in request status has been received or if it is successful?
    Please contact CompAsia during their office hours :
    Monday to Fridays (Excluding Public Holidays) 9:00AM – 6:00PM
    Phone : +6591011978 or Email : 

  9. I did not receive payment after Grader collects my trade in device.
    Please contact CompAsia during their office hours :
    Monday to Fridays (Excluding Public Holidays) 9:00AM – 6:00PM
    Phone : +6591011978 or Email : 

  10. Upon collection of my trade in device, how long will I receive my payment from CompAsia?
    The payment of your trade-in value & Overtrade (if applicable) amount will be made to you via bank transfer within 2 working days upon collection of your trade-in device.

  11. How can I participate in this Online trade-in program?
    Step1: Enter your trade-in model and perform / submit self-diagnostic on trade-in model.​ 
    Step 2: Get quotation on trade-in model value.​ 
    Step 3: Submit contact details for collection of trade-in device.​
    Step 4: A customer service officer will contact you for collection schedule within 5 working days upon submission of order.​ 
    Step 5: Upon collection, On-site evaluation will be performed by grader for a final trade in value.
    Step 6: Upon acceptance of the final trade-in value and surrender of trade-in device, Grader will Issue acknowledgment form to customer. Payment will be made​ within the next 2 working days to customer's Bank account​. 

  12. What do I need to surrender for this Trade-Up program? 
    You will be required to hand in the eligible device in working condition. Other device accessories (including your device adaptors, USB cables etc) are not required to be handed in.​ 

  13. What do I need to do with my device before I participate in for this Trade-Up program?​ 
    You will need to ensure your devices are backed up, OEM lock (ie. iTunes, iCloud, Samsung Account, Google Account etc) and all other passwords (ie.screen/pin/fingerprint lock, Face ID) removed. removed, factory setting reset done and SIM/memory card removed before surrendering your device to the grader. You will also need to remove any device casing and screen protectors before handing over the device to our trade-in specialists to evaluate your device conditions.​ 

  14. Can I trade-in more than 1 device?​
    Only 1 device is allowed for each new or recontract plan signed up. 

  15. My device has some defects, can I participate for the trade-in program?
    No, devices with defects will not be accepted. Examples of defects that may affect your participation in the ​trade-in program are as below:​ 
    - Device cannot be powered on
    - Touch screen is not functioning
    - Device has sign of corrosion
    - Device has burnt/discoloured screen
    - Device has missing parts
    - Device has dents/cracks
    If you are unsure whether your device condition is acceptable, you can still proceed to submit your trade-in order. The grader will provide a final trade-in quotation during collection day. Upon your acceptance of the final trade-in value, payment will be made via online banking within 2 working days.

  16. Will my device be acceptable for the trade-in if it has gone through any hardware or software modifications?
    The device that you trade-in needs to be in its original state and with original parts.​ 

  17. Do I need to remove my screen or pin lock from my device?​ 
    The device that you trade-in needs to have OEM lock (ie. iTunes, iCloud, Samsung Account, Google Account etc) and all other passwords (ie. screen/pin/fingerprint lock, Face ID) removed.

  18. How do I turn off or remove "Find My iPhone", "Find My iPad", "iCloud", "Gmail", "Google account", "Samsung account" or "Find My Mobile"?​ 
    Please refer to the following links for guidance:
    Apple devices:
    Samsung devices:
    Oppo devices:

  19. I forgot to back-up my data before resetting the device back to factory default settings. Are you able to help retrieve the data?​
    After factory reset, we will not be able to retrieve any of your past data. Please ensure you have done all data back-up before doing reset or handing in your device.​ 

  20. Do I have to remove all accessories from my device (such as screen protector and back cover)​ ? 
    All accessories including device casing, screen protectors, etc are to be removed before handing over your device for the trade-in.​ 

  21. What are the eligible trade-in models?
    Please refer table below for the eligible trade-in Models.

  22. Model Capacity
    iPhone 6 16GB
    iPhone 6 32GB
    iPhone 6 64GB
    iPhone 6 128GB
    iPhone 6S Plus 16GB
    iPhone 6S Plus 32GB
    iPhone 6S Plus 64GB
    iPhone 6S Plus 128GB
    iPhone 7 32GB
    iPhone 7 128GB
    iPhone 7 256GB
    iPhone 7 Plus 32GB
    iPhone 7 Plus 128GB
    iPhone 7 Plus 256GB
    iPhone 8 64GB
    iPhone 8 256GB
    iPhone 8 Plus 64GB
    iPhone 8 Plus 256GB
    iPhone X 64GB
    iPhone X 256GB
    iPhone XR 64GB
    iPhone XR 128GB
    iPhone XR 256GB
    iPhone XS 64GB
    iPhone XS 256GB
    iPhone XS 512GB
    iPhone XS Max 64GB
    iPhone XS Max 256GB
    iPhone XS Max 512GB
    iPhone 11 64GB
    iPhone 11 128GB
    iPhone 11 256GB
    iPhone 11 Pro 64GB
    iPhone 11 Pro 256GB
    iPhone 11 Pro 512GB
    iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB
    iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB
    iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB
    iPhone SE 2nd Gen (A2296) 64GB
    iPhone SE 2nd Gen (A2296) 128GB
    iPhone SE 2nd Gen (A2296) 256GB
    iPhone 12 64GB
    iPhone 12 128GB
    iPhone 12 256GB
    iPhone 12 Pro 128GB
    iPhone 12 Pro 256GB
    iPhone 12 Pro 512GB
    iPhone 12 Mini 64GB
    iPhone 12 Mini 128GB
    iPhone 12 Mini 256GB
    iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB
    iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB
    iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB
    iPhone 13 128GB
    iPhone 13 256GB
    iPhone 13 512GB
    iPhone 13 Pro 128GB
    iPhone 13 Pro 256GB
    iPhone 13 Pro 512GB
    iPhone 13 Pro 1TB
    iPhone 13 Mini 128GB
    iPhone 13 Mini 256GB
    iPhone 13 Mini 512GB
    iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB
    iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB
    iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB
    iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB
    A32 128GB 
    A42 128GB
    A51 128GB
    A52 128GB
    A52 256GB
    A52s 128GB
    A52s 256GB
    Z Fold2 256GB 
    Z Flip 5G 256GB 
    Z Fold3 256GB
    Z Fold3 512GB
    Z Flip3 128GB
    Z Flip3 256GB
    Note 9 128GB
    Note 9 512GB
    Note10 256GB
    Note 10+ 256GB
    Note 10+ 512GB
    Note20 Ultra 256GB  
    Note20 5G 256GB
    S9 64GB
    S9+ 64GB
    S9+ 128GB
    S9+ 256GB
    S10 Lite 128GB
    S10 128GB
    S10+ 128GB
    S10+ 512GB
    S10+ 1TB
    S20+ 128GB 
    S20 128GB 
    S20 Ultra 128GB
    S20 FE 128GB
    S20 FE 256GB
    S21 256GB
    S21+ 256GB
    S21 Ultra 256GB
    S21 Ultra 512GB
    S21 FE 256GB
    S22 128GB
    S22 256GB
    S22+ 128GB
    S22+ 256GB
    S22 Ultra 256GB
    S22 Ultra 512GB
    Find X2 Pro 512GB  
    Find X3 Pro 256GB 
    Reno5 128GB 
    Reno5 Pro 256GB  
    Reno3 Pro 256GB  
    P40 Pro  256GB 
    P40  128GB 
    Mate 40 Pro  256GB
    P40 Pro + 256GB 
    Nova 3i  
    P30 Pro  
    X50Pro  256GB 
    X50 256GB
    X50e 128GB 
    X60Pro  256GB 
    Y72 128GB 
    v21 128GB
    8T 128GB
    8T 256GB
    9 128GB
    9 256GB
    Nord CE 128GB
    Nord CE 256GB
    T10 Pro 256GB 
    T10 128GB
    11 256GB
    11 Lite 128GB
    11T Pro 256GB
    11 Lite NE 256GB