With effect from 18 October 2023, the Data Passport subscription rates and data entitlement will be revised as follow.
Revision will be effective from November bill onwards.

Current subscriptionCurrent data entitlementNew SubscriptionNew data entitlement
$12 Data Passport10GB from local data bundle$15 Data Passport15GB from local data bundle
$30 Data Passport$35 Data Passport
$30 ASEAN Data Passport$35 ASEAN Data Passport
$60 Asia Data Passport$65 Asia Data Passport
$60 Europe Data Passport$65 Europe Data Passport

New rates applicable to Bespoke Flexi, Bespoke Contract, Bespoke SIM-only, Bespoke Family Plan, Bespoke Flexi (Business), Bespoke Contract (Business), Bespoke SIM-only (Business).
Data entitlement for mySIM(e) 118 Plan (with existing contract) will remain at 30GB as per contract.