If you’ve been searching for a new handset running on Android, offers exceptional processing speeds to switch between apps in an instant, and features industry-leading camera specs to take incredible photos day or night, you simply cannot go past the vivo v21 5G mobile phone. The world boasts some of the most breathtaking scenery and great nightlife, and the v21 by vivo gives you the ability to capture its true essence in intricate detail.  

vivo v21 Specs & Features

Next-Level Camera Features

Enjoy taking a few selfies? You’re sure to find the 44MP OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) camera on the front of the vivo v21 phone an absolute asset - and it’s the first-ever smartphone around the world to offer such a selfie camera, too! This means brighter, clearer selfies even if you’re taking them in the dark. Plus, you can take 4K selfie videos that remain nice and stable even while you’re walking around.

Flip the phone over and you’ve got a 64MP OIS Night Camera, 8MP Multi-Function Wide-Angle, and 2MP Super Macro camera ready to go. 

Perfectly Petite Design 

An ultra-thin design with a 7.29mm body, this sleek smartphone only weighs 176g - you’ll surely love how light the vivo v21 is. But its gorgeous design doesn’t stop there. It also boasts 2.5D screen curves as well as an AG matte glass cover which offers scratch and fingerprint resistance while providing a firm grip with its anti-slip properties. Available in 2 vibrant colours here at M1 - Dusk Blue and Sunset Dazzle - you’re bound to enjoy the colour of life with these magnificent hues.

Lighting-Fast Processing Power

With its octa-core 7nm MediaTek Dimensity 800U 5G processor delivering super-quick speeds of up to 2.4GHz, you’ll never have to wait around for this smartphone to open an app - or switch between them, for that matter. Supporting UFS 2.2, it can install apps and copy files faster than previous vivo phone models. Bidding farewell to lag in the most innovative ways, the vivo v21 offers you the speed you’ve always wanted.  

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Frequently Asked Questions About the vivo v21

What makes the vivo v21 phone model unique?

The vivo v21 specs include a world-first; it is the only handset to ever offer a selfie camera that has OIS. Add to that the fact that there’s 4-Axis OIS technology in its rear camera setup and you’ll understand why it has such an incredible reputation for its camera quality.

What is the price of the vivo v21 5G mobile phone in Singapore?

If you’re looking for the vivo v21 phone, and its price is something you’re concerned about, fret not! You can get your brand new vivo v21 at a low price with M1’s highly affordable Bespoke 2-year Contract Plan. As a matter of fact, you can get the smartphone with $0 upfront payment today!

How do I sign up for a mobile phone plan with M1?

Want to get your hands on the hot new vivo v21? Singapore’s preferred mobile provider, M1, is happy to assist - simply visit your nearest M1 shop or shop the latest deals on Vivo phones and more by signing up for a Bespoke Plan easily online.