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Much like its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 has an impressive list of features that make it a revolutionary foldable phone. It successfully marries sleek style with functionality – making it a smartphone model that is built with prowess and the ability to impress. This durable foldable phone allows you to achieve much more; along with S Pen support, and the taskbar feature, getting work done on the go is no longer a feat. Quickly schedule meetings, take notes and work on documents with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. If you have been on the lookout for a tablet, this is the device for you. The Galaxy Z Fold4 includes some key features of a tablet.

The 7.6-inch internal display makes for high-definition, bright viewing allowing you to view your phone’s screen even whilst outdoors. Glitches and lags are a thing of the past with this model’s 120 Hz refresh rate, users can expect a more responsive, immersive experience. This means that when you’re navigating, scrolling through your home screen page or opening up an app, you are guaranteed a smooth experience.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 also offers a powerful camera and allows you to capture beautiful, crisp images. With an updated Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus chip, the Galaxy Z Fold4 is a more powerful version of its predecessor and, with this performance boost, can outperform it.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 comes in a sophisticated selection of colours: beige, graygreen and black.


Lighter, Sleeker Design

One significant update of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is its new design. The crease is a lot less obvious when the phone is folded, giving it a more streamlined look and feel. While previous versions have been on the bulkier side, the newest foldable phone measures 0.1 x 5.1 x 0.27 inches (155 x 130 x 7.1 mm) when unfolded and weighs 8.9 ounces – making it sleeker and more portable. The reduction in weight is made possible because of an update to the phone’s hinge design. There is also a slight change in the overall dimensions of the phone, making it shorter and wider, giving it an aspect ratio of 6:5, closer to a square.


Powerful Front and Rear Cameras

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 comes equipped with a 12MP wide and ultrawide rear cameras. This camera has telephoto 3x zoom optical lens that lets you photograph moving subjects. What’s more? Samsung has also updated its under-screen camera, giving it a higher resolution, 16MP sensor.


Explore M1’s Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

Is Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 waterproof?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is water-resistant, which means that your phone will be able to survive the occasional splash of water. A water-resistant coating is applied to the phone’s internal components, allowing it to deflect the damage water can inflict on the motherboard, battery and touchscreen of the phone.

How much does Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 cost in Singapore?

To learn more about the costs of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, browse M1’s latest phone deals and mobile plans.

How much RAM does Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 have?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 will use a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus chip and have 12GB of RAM, making it a more powerful version of the Galaxy Z Fold3.