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The revolutionary Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is an updated version of the Galaxy Z Flip3. Samsung has ironed out the issues users had with the previous model, redesigning its hinge and making the phone slimmer and sleeker. But it has retained the best of the Flip3 – its design and its 6.7-inch internal displays and 1.9-inch external displays. It also will have flat edges and a fingerprint sensor mounted on the side – just like the Galaxy Flip3

The updated camera technology also allows users to capture high-definition photographs and videos. With 12 MP ultra-wide and wide-angle back cameras, and 10 MP front cameras, taking amazing photos is no longer a feat. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is also durable and water resistant, making it the ideal foldable phone, built to stay with you through the years.

Samsung’s latest foldable flip phone – Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 – is set to dazzle with its array of colours; choose from gold, silver, light blue and light violet.


Capture Moments in High-Definition

Many of us rely on our phones to capture the moments of life. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 also comes equipped with a telephoto lens which allows you to best take action shots and subjects on the move – for example, when you’re at the zoo, and would like to take a picture of a moving deer.


Enhanced Battery Life to Last You Through the Day

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 enhanced specifications will also allow you to use your phone throughout the day. With the Snapdragon Plus Gen 1 chipset, you can expect your phone to last longer on a single charge. While the Galaxy Z Flip3’s battery quickly drained due to its 120Hz internal display and large cover display, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4’s battery life is robust. It also charges at a much faster rate than its predecessor, at 25W.


Sophisticated and Durable Gapless Hinge Design

Users can also look forward to the Galaxy Z Flip4’s redesigned hinge design. In previous Galaxy Flip models, the gap is obvious when folded. With a thinner hinge, the gap in the Galaxy Flip4 will now be unnoticeable – giving it a more streamlined design. This also allows the phone to fit snugly into your pocket. What’s more? With this new hinge design, the phone is now made to be more durable, built to withstand strain and impact. These improvements in design, durability and longevity make it the newest player in the foldable smartphone market, and a formidable one at that.


Explore M1’s Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Is Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 waterproof?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant. This means that if your phone is subject to the occasional rain and water splashes on it when you’re doing the dishes – your phone will be able to survive it. They have an IPX8 water-resistance rating, and so Samsung official guarantees that it is able to withstand 1.5 metres of water for up to 30 minutes.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 also has a water-resistant coating that keeps the phone’s internal components safe. The hinge also has a layer of added protection, an anti-corrosive solution and lubricant, making it water-resistant.

How much does Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 cost in Singapore?

Buyers interested in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 can learn more about prices by browsing M1’s latest phone deals and mobile plans.

Does Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 have dual SIM?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 comes with a single SIM tray, allowing you to put just one physical SIM card in your phone. However, to achieve the functions of a dual SIM – you can consider the eSIM.