Continue the resolution revolution with the brand-new Galaxy S21 series 5G by Samsung. Featuring lively new colours, an intelligent 120Hz display refresh rate, and a redesigned rear camera module, this new line-up is crafted to perfection. Integrated with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset, it not only has better battery life but also supports 5G network connectivity. But that’s not all! Powered by the Octa-core processor, this range of Galaxy devices carries out advanced tasks with ease. From faster load times to handling graphics-heavy gaming sessions, the 8 processor cores work to increase operating speeds and boost energy efficiency.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series 5G Features , Size & Specs

Revolutionary design

Made to turn heads, each of the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G phones have screen sizes you’re sure to be in awe of. The Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus come equipped with a Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel with screen sizes of 6.2-inch and 6.7-inch. The S21 Ultra 5G takes things up a notch with a 6.8-inch curved edge Quad HD+ screen. Built with a super smooth 120Hz display refresh rate, you can scroll through your screen and get your game on with its speedy fast touch response.

Capture the beauty of details

If you are all for capturing photos that look like works of art, then the camera specs of the Samsung S21 5G series are one to beat. Be it the Galaxy S21 5G, S21 Plus 5G, or S21 Ultra 5G, the combination of its selfie camera and island of rear cameras captures shots with incredible detail and clarity. Taking photos in vivid colour at night is also made possible with the Night Mode function. A brief comparison of specifications and details will show that the latest S21 Ultra 5G comes with an additional 10MP Telephoto lens and 100x space zoom — a feature supporters of pro-quality photography will revel in.

Groundbreaking protection

One of the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G details not to miss is its Corning Gorilla Glass Victus display protection. Given its wide dimensions and screen-to-body size, the tough glass protection with a rating of IP68 means you’ll be able to take your handset on adventures without worry.

Check Out the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Models at M1

Having removed the headphone jack, the perfectly sleek and stylish Galaxy S21 5G line-up comes in a range of distinctive “Phantom” colours. Available in the basic colours such as Phantom Pink and Phantom Black, the S21 Plus 5G and S21 Ultra 5G is also available in Phantom Black and Phantom Silver.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Samsung Galaxy S21 Series 5G

What is unique about the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G models?

There are several additional features to take note of. Some of these include; the 3x hybrid Telephoto zoom function of the S21 5G and S21 Plus 5G, the dual-SIM support of all 3 Samsung Galaxy S21 models, and the Face Recognition unlock function that can be activated in a few easy steps.

What is the price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G in Singapore?

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