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Been scouring the internet for the latest OPPO phones? Whether you’re looking for a 5G compatible mobile phone or a model that caught your eye back in 2020, here at M1, you’ll find new OPPO phones all season. From the top-end OPPO Find X3 Pro smartphone with 12GB RAM to the mid-range OPPO Reno-series and OPPO A-series line-up, we are constantly updating our selection of mobile phones to deliver the latest models at fantastic prices.

So browse OPPO phones and much more on the M1 shop and get the best value for your money today.

Picture Life Together with OPPO

OPPO handsets are known for their vibrant colours and distinctive features. Steering clear of conventional designs, buying any OPPO phone guarantees that your handset is one that will stand out from the crowd. Built with unique details such as a double-sided pop up camera, these phones also offer brilliant performance and battery life — talk about the perfect combination of style and substance!

Build a Plan to Go with Your OPPO Mobile Phone

If you are all for experiencing the most amazing functions and features OPPO brings to the table, you’re going to love how M1 allows you to do all that and more at an affordable price! When you choose M1 as your mobile network provider, you’ll not only be able to enjoy the best promotions for the latest phones, but also have the freedom to build a mobile data plan to match your lifestyle and needs.

Whether you choose the Bespoke Flexi Plan or the Bespoke Contract Plan, either way, you’ll get the phone you want, on your terms! For the latest OPPO phone at unbeatable prices, look no further than the Bespoke Flexi Plan. Offering a selection of OPPO handsets with prices as little as $0 upfront, the Bespoke Flexi is the go-to mobile phone plan if you’re looking for ultimate freedom. To add to that, you’ll even be given access to an easy slider on the My M1+ App to identify your individual needs from the lowest phone prices to unlimited data usage! Simply decide how much data and call minutes you want, and choose from a multitude of mobile add-ons to create the best made-to-measure plan. Foresee yourself needing more data in the future? Fret not! You’re free to increase and decrease data and minutes every month and switch up add-ons as you wish with no interest or additional fees.

Alternatively, build your ideal plan with more add-ons and bigger data bundles with the Bespoke Contract Plan of 2 years!

Add-Ons Galore

Everyone is different, and no one understands that better than M1. If you ever need to add more to your plans, you can pick and choose from our wide selection, ranging from a 5Go Access and Unlimited Weekend Data Pack to Caller Number Display and Caller Non-Display ID, and a whole lot more!

Frequently Asked Questions About OPPO Mobile Phones

Are there any OPPO 5G phones?

There are several OPPO phones that have 5G capabilities for you to choose from. Some of these models include the OPPO Reno5, OPPO Reno5 Pro, OPPO Find X3 Pro and more. By adding the M1 5Go Access to your mobile data plan, you can enjoy smooth and faster connection for super streaming abilities and lag-free gaming.

How do OPPO phones fare in terms of camera quality?

Is the camera quality of a smartphone something you place value on? When it comes to a smartphone’s camera quality and its ability to capture the clearest shots, OPPO smartphones remain unrivalled. The OPPO Find X series, for example, contains numerous innovative technologies such as a 3D Face Recognition system, front camera, rear dual camera, and intricate sensors that are set to redefine smartphone photography.

How can I sign up with M1 today?

It’s super simple to get on board with an M1 Bespoke Plan and order the latest OPPO phone in Singapore — just create an account with M1, choose the phone you want, select one of the 3 bespoke plans and you’re on your way!