Huawei nova 7SE

Check Out The HUAWEI Nova 7SE 5G

Want to keep up with your fast-paced life with connection to 5G network? Enter the HUAWEI Nova 7SE 5G — a next-level mobile that reimagines processing, ensuring that the best connection is always in the palm of your hands. Taking a new spin on craftsmanship, the HUAWEI Nova 7SE is more than a stunning showpiece. A superbly feature-packed device that delivers a fantastic user experience, the Nova 7SE is the most powerful of the Nova series. Between the Nova 7 Pro and Nova 7 by HUAWEI, the modest specifications of the Nova 7SE are ones to beat.

Delivering flagship-like experience that is typically offered by HUAWEI, the Nova 7SE is not only easily accessible due to its affordability but also does not skimp out on features and specs that tech lovers will be in awe of.

HUAWEI Nova 7SE Specs & Features

Capturing the beauty in everything

Remember how ground-breaking it was when the first camera-phone was released to the masses? Taking standard photography and videography to new heights, the 64MP AI Quad-Camera system of the HUAWEI Nova 7SE can capture high-resolution images with crystal clarity. With its 4 versatile lenses, potential for creative expression sees no limits. Paired with its Dual-View video capabilities, you’ll even be able to capture footage of loved ones on the rear camera while the 16MP selfie camera simultaneously records you! Beyond capturing moments on both sides of the phone, taking 4K and slow-mo videos at 960 frames per second will be a breeze.

An expansive display for boundless visuals

The 6.5-inches Punch FullView display of the HUAWEI Nova 7SE has a near-bezel-less display, ridding of any obstruction. Crafted with remarkable attention to detail, the 90.3% screen-to-body ratio, 1080x2400 pixels resolution, and accompanying Wide Colour Gamut does not fall short on good viewing angles either. With a HDR10 display, watching videos or playing games becomes an adventure to lose yourself to.

Battery power that replenishes

Using the phone for hours on end will be an absolute pleasure with this phone. With a 4,000mAh Li-Po battery and SuperCharge technology, you can restore the charge to 70% in under 30 minutes. A charge that goes the distance, you won’t have to worry about your phone running out of juice midday.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the HUAWEI Nova 7SE

How is the HUAWEI Nova 7SE different from the Nova 7 & Nova 7 Pro?

Choosing the HUAWEI Nova 7SE means you’re choosing the very powerful 7nm Kirin 820 5G chipset. Incorporating an advanced 8-core CPU, a new realm of performance is delivered with every use. Its responsiveness from the powerful chipset combined with its intuitive layout and system make it very straightforward and simple to use as well.

How much is the HUAWEI Nova 7SE on a plan?

Whether your preference is the very capable and sleek HUAWEI Nova 7SE or another handset from an industry-leading brand, you’ll find exactly what you’re after at M1. Choose from a range of handsets and pay as little as $0 upfront when you opt for the Bespoke Flexi Plan.

How do I sign up with M1?

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