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Data Roaming Alert


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Roaming Alert?
Data Roaming Alert offers the following services:
  • Data Roaming Alert for Postpaid M1 customers based on their bill cycle, triggered when data roaming charges reach $50, $100 and $200.
  • i-Lite, i-Lite+, i-Reg, iReg+, i-Max, i-Max+
  • Option to check roaming rates for the country customer is located.

What are the charges for Data Roaming Alert?
Data Roaming Alert is free.
How can I activate Data Roaming Alert?
You can access Data Roaming Alert through My M1 App (prevailing roaming charges apply).
If I am using a Data SIM, can I use Data Roaming Alert?
No, Data Roaming Alert does not work on Data SIMs.
What is the difference between Data Roaming Alert and Data Roaming Cap?
Data Roaming Alert informs customers when data usage charges hit an estimated $50, $100, $200 and does not cap data roaming.

With Data Roaming Cap, data roaming will be stopped once data usage charges reach $100.
Can I customise or have more Data Roaming Alerts?
No, the alerts are fixed at the $50, $100 and $200.

After hitting the $200 alert, customers can deactivate and reactivate Data Roaming Alert so that customers can again receive the $50, $100 and $200 alerts. This merely resets the usage counter. The earlier charges have incurred.
I'm currently using data roaming on Malaysia Celcom, which is part of $15 Unlimited Data Roaming. How will this be reflected when I check my data usage?
Data usage will reflect $15 for the first day and $30 for the second day.
Must Data Roaming Service be active before I can activate Data Roaming Alert?
Yes, customers have to activate roaming and Data Roaming before activating the Data Roaming Alert.
Will I get the high usage SMS alert for Data Roaming if I have activated Data Roaming Alert?
No, the high usage SMS will be replaced with Data Roaming Alerts.
Can I use Data Roaming Alert if I have turned on Data Roaming Cap?
Will the Data Roaming Alert service be activated once I have activated the service?
No, you should wait for the activation SMS before using data.
How will I be informed by Data Roaming Alert?
You will get an SMS alert from 1627 on your phone. The service is free.
When will the data roaming usage captured by Data Roaming Alert reset?
The usage counter will reset at the end of every bill cycle. You can also manually reset your usage counter by deactivating and activating Data Roaming Alert.
I accidentally deactivated roaming service and can't reactivate it now that I am overseas. What do I do?
When overseas, you can call the M1 Customer Service Hotline on +65 96801627 (Roaming call charges apply) for assistance.
How can I check roaming rates of and Preferred Partner Networks?
You can find out the rates through My M1 App. However, the use of My M1 App while roaming is chargeable.
If I have activated the Data Roaming Cap, can I check how much usage I've incurred?
No you can’t. Checking of data usage is for customers who have activated Data Roaming Alert.