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Offset your M1 bills by redeeming Citi M1 Rebates


Waiver of activation fees for Daily and Data Passport


10% off phone accessories


Free replacement for lost and damaged SIM card


Earn greater savings with your Citi M1 Rebate

Save up to 10% off on your recurring M1 bills.


Tier 1


Total spend of S$0 to <S$300/mth

Tier 2


Total spend of S$300 to <S$600/mth

Tier 3


Total spend of >S$600/mth


Total Spend includes all retail purchases in local or foreign currency. You will earn Citi M1 Rebate at a base rate of 0.3% on all retail purchases and additional Bonus Citi M1 Rebate of 0.2%, 2.7% or 9.7% on M1 recurring charges, capped on the 1st S$300 worth of M1 recurring charges, depending on the tier of your Total Spend. Applicable only to M1 bills charged to the Citi M1 Card on a recurring basis.


Do more with your Citi M1 Rebate



   Offset your M1 bill



Convert to KrisFlyer Miles


Redeem your Citi M1 Rebate whenever you want



SMS <REDEEM BILL> to 72484


Login to Citibank Online


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