S$200 cash back* with new citi M1 card sign-up

Be sure to apply for the Citi M1 Card to enjoy a slew of great benefits at M1! (Not applicable for M1 Bespoke plans)

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Here’s a whole list of benefits to put a smile on your face when you sign up for the Citi M1 Card:

  • Up to 10% Citi M1 Rebate on your recurring M1 bills
  • Waiver of all registration fees on M1 VAS
  • Waiver of activation fees for Data Passport
  • Waiver of recontract administrative fee

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  • Free replacement for lost and damaged SIM Card
  • 10% discount off handset accessories

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Redemption of Citi M1 Rebate to offset the M1 bill and M1 Shop purchase


Now, It Pays To Spend

Earn Citi M1 Rebate on Amount (Rebates)
Recurring M1 bills Up to 10%
Purchases at M1 Shop 1%
Other retail purchases 0.3%

The Many Things You Can Do

Ever wonder what you can use your Citi M1 Rebate for? Well, we have the answers right here:

  • Offset your M1 Bill or devices and accessories purchase at M1 Shops
  • Offset your retail purchases with Pay with Points
  • Convert to KrisFlyer Miles ($1 Citi M1 Rebate = 55 KrisFlyer Miles)

It's Easy To Reward Yourself

Checking and redeeming your Citi M1 Rebate for more rewards doesn’t have to be a chore. You can follow these 3 easy steps to get it done:

  • Login to Citibank Online
  • SMS "Rewards" to 72484 to check your Citi M1 Rebate balance and redeem it to offset your M1 bills