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Singapore’s Favourite Prepaid Plans


Whether you’re here to check out the fantastic mobile device promotions and progressive bespoke plans we have to offer, or looking for a prepaid data plan in Singapore, things don’t get any better than the deals available at M1.

We’re focused on providing our customers with a plethora of different plans, prepaid or otherwise, and have worked hard to develop some fantastic deals just for you. So check out all of the different options — you’re bound to find something that suits your needs!

The Prepaid SIM - A Prepaid Card to Rule Them All

For our local customers in Singapore, prepaid plans come in four options:

1.$12/mth (U.P. $25) comprising a 2GB/day data usage, 5,000 minutes of local outgoing calls, 1,000 local SMS, unlimited incoming calls and validity for 4 full weeks.

2.$14 ($14 main balance) which includes 180-day validity as well as 4GB of free data to use within 120 days and an additional 4GB Rewards data to be used within 30 days.

3.$60 with 12-week validity, 2GB/day data allowance, 5,000 minutes local outgoing calls and 1,000 SMS every 4 weeks and unlimited incoming calls.

4.$8 (which includes $10 main balance) for 90 days’ validity and 1.5GB free data to be used within 30 days

The Tourist Prepaid SIM - Prepaid Data Plan for Every Traveller

Visitors and tourists in Singapore can take advantage of 3 different prepaid plans:

1.Short stay? Spend just $12 and you’ll get 7 days’ validity, 100GB of local data usage, 500 minutes’ local calls, 20 minutes’ international calls and 100 local SMS.

2.Going to be around for a little while? For $30 you’ll have 12 days of use wherein you’ll have 100GB local data, 3GB roaming data (to be used within certain countries), 3,000 minutes of local calls and 50 minutes of international calls plus 5,000 local SM

3.Knock it up to $50 and you’ll have 14 days of validity, 100GB local data allowance, 3,000 minutes’ local calls and 50 minutes for international calls, 5,000 local SMS and 5GB data to be used while roaming to networks in certain neighbouring countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prepaid Plans

What is the best prepaid plan for data?

If you’re after a prepaid data plan in Singapore that delivers plenty of allowance, you can’t go past our $12 (U.P. $25) offer which includes 2GB of data every single day and a whole lot more.

Which prepaid data plan is the best in Singapore?

The best data plan on prepaid in Singapore is either the M1 $12 (U.P. $25) plan or our $60 prepaid plan, both of which offer a data allowance of 2GB every day. The $12 prepaid deal lasts for 4 weeks, while the $60 prepaid plan is valid for 12 full weeks.

What is the cheapest M1 prepaid plan?

If you’re not planning to use your phone much at all and do not intend to spend so much, you can opt for our $14 prepaid card. It will last for a whopping 180 days and comes with a $14 main balance plus 4GB rewards data (valid for 30 days) and another 4GB of free data (valid for 120 days).