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Online Ordering System and Retail Payment Solution with M1

The days of in-person ordering and cash-only payment systems are long gone. Thanks to technology, there are various instant and contactless online ordering platforms and payment methods available now. Customers now have the ease of choice and convenience with online food ordering systems and online booking systems. Enjoying food from their favourite restaurant through takeaway or booking tickets is streamlined with a digital ordering system. Additionally, with new players like mobile payments and mobile wallets, payments have shifted to digital platforms. Customers these days are using more than one online payment method. For customers’ convenience and increased chances of successful orders, e-commerce websites can provide more than one e-payment system.

Create A Seamless Payment Experience

Power your business digitally, your way with M1. With businesses going digital, an e-commerce ordering platform and payment system sets up the foundation of your customer relationship. The widespread popularity of Internet-based shopping and food ordering means facilitating your customers’ contactless orders through an integrated digital ordering system and payment gateway can result in better customer experiences.

M1 has intelligent products and fuss-free solutions for all your business needs. Tap into M1’s Digital Transformation Alliance for businesses to save time and stay competitive with security and flexibility. Speak to us on how you can make the digital transformation with M1’s online ordering system and order payment system for businesses today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Ordering Systems and Retail Payment Solutions

1. What are the types of online payments?

While setting up your online ordering system, it is crucial that you accept online payment from your customers. Selecting the right type of online payment to offer is essential for e-commerce. Since online payment systems vary from business to business, it is important to determine which is most suitable for your business, relevant to your customers and will help in achieving profitability and ultimately, success of your business.

Some integrated payment gateways to offer include:
● Credit / debit card payments
● Prepaid card payments
● E-wallets
● Mobile payments
● Bank transfers

2. What are the advantages of online payment?

Online payment, as well as an online order management system, has numerous benefits for both customers and businesses such as:

● Reaching a wider range of customers
● Providing fast and easy integrated payment for customers
● Providing a secure and convenient form of payment
● Increasing customer retention through a positive experience
● Saves time and efficiency for both customers and businesses
● Easier management for businesses while reducing the need for cash and checks
● Increased security and reliability for businesses

3. What is the importance of payment systems?

The biggest importance of online payment systems is to stay ahead of the competition with an integrated payment gateway, as well as a digital ordering system. The advancements in online ordering and e-payments have created endless opportunities for businesses to grow by offering seamless, contactless, fast and hassle-free order and payment solutions for their customers. It is vital for business success to make instant online payments for online ordering available with higher security and convenience. Businesses also have a great advantage of saving on processing costs.