Multiple Defense Technology to
Prevent the Known and Unknown

Enable you to detect, isolate and prevent hackers from intruding your organisation’s network devices through an integrated, extensible security solution that protects your servers, computer systems, laptop and mobile devices against slew of attacks.

Service at a Glance

Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP)

Provide real-time actionable performance by automatically protecting, detecting and responding to sophisticated attacks
Provide latest patches automatically to be against new threats


Endpoint Defense and Response (EDR)

Proactively prevent threats from accessing systems, scan files automatically
Remediation capabilities to respond to dynamic security incidents
24x7 monitoring and alerting services


Mobile Protection

Help predict, detect and prevent physical, malware, network and vulnerability exploits to protect businesses from mobile cyberattacks


Advance Threat Protection

Detect, analyse and prevent targeted threats from malware that has evolved to bypass traditional security methods
24x7 monitoring and alerting services