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A digital solution provider which empowers F&B owners to go digital and take control of their operations.


SkipQoo is a F&B digital solutions provider. We have numerous services for streamlining F&B operations and increasing revenue by going digital. SkipQoo is the best provider to start accepting online orders and reservations quickly. We simplify the onboarding process by charging a fixed fee and taking no commissions from our clients. SkipQoo empowers F&B owners by giving them the freedom to manage their own website. Our solutions are used worldwide by more than 5,800 F&B clients.

Relevant Industries: Food & Beverage (F&B) & Services




Fast implementation, as fast as within 48 hours.

Ease to use even for the non-tech-savvy.

Take Control over your own ordering website.

Understand your consumers at the individual level and drive greater customer retention.

Channel greater profit into your business and reduce any avoidable operational costs.

  1. Why are there no commission fees demanded by SkipQoo?
    We sincerely believe that all your hard-earned profits should remain in your pocket, and not be depleted because of third-party commission fees. Imagine taking a 30% cut in your earnings every single day. It might not seem like much, but this accumulates into a large amount that can otherwise be used for future investments in your business.

  3. How does SkipQoo contribute to the growth of my business?
    At SkipQoo, we want your business to go digital. Your business should not be confined to the physical limits of your store; instead it should extend online to reach a wider base of customers around the island. SkipQoo also sets you up with an online management system. It is a powerful tool to help you coordinate online orders and bookings efficiently. Our system is beginner-friendly and easy to use, hence you will be able to build your digital platform quickly. Moreover, you will be able to gather valuable consumer metrics which aids you in customer retention through offering loyalty discounts and promotions to regulars.

  5. Why do I need SkipQoo when I can build my own website through other website builders?
    We save you a massive amount of time and resources that go into building your website. Our team is constantly working to ensure that you have a seamless experience through regular maintenance and updates of our system. We will cover everything you need because we want to help you improve your business. Coupled with the PSG, we offer an affordable and efficient solution to kick start your online business.

  7. Do you offer any additional benefits in your package?
    Additional perks for your business such as Facebook integration, menu redesign, photography, and many more. Moreover, we also offer cost-effective add-ons which further spur your business growth such as receipt printers, queue calling systems and more.

  9. I’m not tech savvy at all! What happens if I am lost and need help with the system?
    Do not worry! Our system is automated to make your lives smoother. Once an order is received, a receipt will be printed out automatically to show the order details. As you prepare and deliver your orders, the system will automatically update the order status according to the length of time passed.

    Otherwise, if you continue to run into any problems with the system, our Whatsapp customer support team will be able to help you 24/7!