M1 Dark Fibre An Exclusive Fibre-optic Connection For Your Business

Equip your business with unparalleled performance, control, security and scalability.

M1 Dark Fibre is not only cost effective, it’s the solution to set up your business for the future. It provides you the option to choose which transmission technology to use, as well as the flexibility to upgrade and modify technologies as newer, higher capacity systems become available.

Delays that occur with latency sensitive applications are no longer an issue with M1 Dark Fibre which offers optimised path solutions that help to minimise such delays. With tailored designs that include diverse street paths, building entry and internal distribution, rest assured that you are equipped to meet the most demanding reliability requirements.

With M1 Dark Fibre as a dedicated physical connection between you and your business’s mission critical data and applications, it is your answer to gaining total control with the added assurance of high-grade security.


Years of Specialist Experience


Access to On-Going Network Growth


Connections to Multiple Data Centres


Full Control of Your Fibre-Optic Network


Experienced Team Providing Innovative Fibre Solutions


Full Project Management From Order to Delivery

Features & Benefits

M1 Dark Fibre Is Now Available At

The Causeway and Cable Landing Stations     
Multiple Data Centres across Singapore
Select Offices and Commercial Buildings