Protect your business

Don’t let all your hard work go to waste, keep your business safe. Our new cloud-based managed DDoS mitigation service proactively filters off attacks while continuing to allow your customers access to what they need.


Here's how it works

What do you get

Network and Application Based DDoS Protection

If a high volume network-based DDoS attack is detected, our network behaviour-based engine can easily adapt to deal with it.


Network Scanning Protection

Get to the root of the problem by identifying sources of attacks such as malware infected sites that scan your network.


Direct Application DDoS Attacks Protection

Even DDoS attacks that require a “special” filtering criteria don’t stand a chance. We’re specifically designed to repel even the sneakiest ones.



How your business benefits

A Safer Business

Your online business and corporate data are protected from DDoS attacks.


Prevention and Protection

DDoS attacks and internet traffic abnormalities are proactively monitored, detected and mitigated from the moment they occur.


Responsive Support

DDoS attacks are quickly filtered while the clean traffic passes through.



Choose which meets your security needs

Volumetric and Application Layer DDoS Mitigation Service

A cloud-based managed monitoring and mitigation service against volumetric DDoS attacks. Plus, you also get protection against application-layer DDoS attacks from the Internet.

Volumetric, Application Layer and SSL based DDoS Mitigation Service

Need an extra layer of protection? This option includes sophisticated SSL based DDoS attack protection. It further guards online businesses by using an encrypted connection.