Infrastructure as a service

Access to on-demand compute resources and high-speed storage on virtual servers is now easier than ever before!


Productivity has never been easier with our Direct Connectivity to Enterprise Cloud Resources! We’ve made it simple for every business to access the near limitless pool of Cloud resources!

Infrastructure as a service

Accelerate adoption and benefit from cloud technologies through our proven, phased approach.


1. What are M1 Cloud Servers?
M1 Cloud Servers offer cloud-based computing resources to businesses seeking the flexibility of dedicated servers at an affordable cost. Customers can choose from a variety of flexible options like Windows and Linux operating systems with various core, RAM and storage allocations. With M1 Cloud Servers, you will have complete control over your Cloud Servers with administrator access and the ability to add data and applications.

2. What is the equivalence of 1 vCPU on each Cloud Server?
Approximately a single 2Ghz processor.

3. What is the maximum number of Cores supported by each Cloud Server?
8 vCPUs

4. What is maximum RAM supported by each Cloud Server?

5. What bandwidth does each Cloud Server get?
Each Cloud Server will be connected to 100Mbps of shared bandwidth.

6. What is the data transfer cost?
With M1 Cloud Servers, there are no costs associated with inbound or outbound data transfer.

7. How many IPs are included with each Cloud Server?
1 public IP address.

8. How is my corporate data protected?

  • The M1 Cloud Servers infrastructure is housed in a private data centre which only authorised personnel are permitted access to.
  • VMware's isolation of VMs separates each Cloud Server clearly and securely.
  • Customers can install their own software firewalls for an additional layer of security.


9. Can customer install applications into any of the given drives?
Yes. However, it is dependent on the applications' default requirements as well.

10. What operating systems do M1 Cloud Servers support?

  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • VMware's isolation of VMs separates each Cloud Server clearly and securely.
  • CentOS 6.x


11. What software options do M1 Cloud Servers offer?

  • Plesk Unlimited
  • Microsoft SQL


12. How do I subscribe for M1 Cloud Severs?
You may submit a sales enquiry at our M1 Business Sales Enquiry page at and our Account Manager shall get in touch with you shortly.