Protect Your Most Exposed Digital Asset - Your Website

Website defacement refers to unauthorised hacks on your web page or entire website; mutilating its structure partially or whole. It may include insertion of potentially hazardous content, images, malicious code, or even deletion. In some cases, instances like code injections can put your customer's data in grave danger.

A defaced web page can inflict severe damage to your business reputation and reliability. Monitor and detect any defacement in your website and rectify before it affects your business.

Service at a Glance


Monitor, Validate and Alert if Any Unauthorised Changes are Detected

Poll URLs at predetermined intervals
Frequent changes will require human validation to reduce false positives from the system and to keep your baselines up to date



Advanced Web Content Integrity Check and Intelligent Baselining

Compare against multiple stored baselines
AI engine checks HTML codes (before and after rendering), images, texts, etc



Proactive Alert and Resolution

Customise alerts (phone/emails) to a call tree
Propose and implement remedial action

Service Benefits


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