With more users, devices, and applications outside the corporate network, appliance-based network security delivers poor user experience, exposes infrastructure to the internet, and is not scalable. Enterprises look towards SSE to provide universal secure access, visibility, and control between users and applications regardless of where they are hosted.

Product Offering

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) + Secure Web Gateway (SWG)Bundled Offer: Dynamic Fibre with Protect / Protect Plus and ZTNA + SWG
  • Authenticates and connects users to applications based on role-based access control.
  • Provides secure remote access regardless of location.
  • Single-pass traffic inspection for malware, data loss, and malicious behaviour.
  • Includes all ZTNA features.
  • Adds secure web gateway functionality for URL and content filtering.
  • Advanced DNS security and protection against DNS tunnelling attacks.
  • Comprehensive protection including ZTNA and SWG benefits.
  • Adds internet threat prevention to your M1 Fibre.




•  Secure infrastructure access for hybrid workforces.

•  Simplified adoption through a single-vendor SASE solution.

•  Zero-trust security approach.

•  Cost reduction by removing legacy systems.

•  Natively built on public cloud infrastructure.

•  Secured sessions from the cloud.

•  Single platform & UI for a seamless user experience.

•  Simplified network integration & troubleshooting.

•  Minimal agent involvement required.


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